Media Silent on Environmental Disaster: Mexico Literally Sh*ts on America

Media Silent on Environmental Disaster: Mexico Literally Sh*ts on America

Mexico released a tsunami of toxic waste into the Tijuana River through most of February.

The apparent cause was an intentional release of sewage by the Mexican government, as they repaired a sewer pipe.

Keep Out - toxic wasteU.S. Officials estimate that 143 million gallons of raw sewage contaminated the Tijuana River over a 17-day period. The toxic discharge occurred between February 6-23, according to official estimates.

During that period, Mexico repaired a major sewer pipe near the junction of Mexico’s Alamar and Tijuana rivers. When the project ended, they let America know about it. But Mexico has yet to explain their actions to U.S. officials’ satisfaction.

Are they merely inept? Or does this signal Mexico’s distaste for President Trump’s border policies?

There is another potential answer. Maybe Mexico’s drug cartels attempted to tunnel from Tijuana to San Diego and hit that sewer line? At least we know they weren’t trying to get to El Chapo, as that bandito is being “housed” in New York.

Sharing a border with San Diego, the city of Tijuana, Mexico often mismanages its water and sewage systems. Moreover, water quality experts in San Diego say cross-border sewage spills of a few million gallons are routine for the region. This next fact is hard to believe. As it turns out, the environmental regulations standards set by the Mexican government aren’t quite as stringent as U.S. standards; especially for California – the staunch environmentalist’s paradise.

Let’s recap.

We have an environmental disaster that impacts The People’s Republic of Californicate, and nobody in the Land of Fruits and Nuts is angry at the Mexicans?

You’d think they would be raising a sh*tstorm of media over this crappy development. {puns intended}

I guess when there is no way to blame Trump, the media remains silent?

The Fallout

Travelling more than 12 miles, the foul-smelling pollution reached beaches in San Diego County, prompting resident complaints for days. State and local U.S. officials say it was not an accident. Both the incident and Mexico’s lack of reporting appear intentional.

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina demands answers, claiming Mexico released sewage for over two weeks without notifying anyone north of the border.

“I think there was a planned, deliberate release. There was something that broke down and rather than fixing it and notifying us — it took 17 days of sewage spill and then they notified us when it was over.”

San Diego BeachThe mayor knows what’s happening. Thus, he knows that Mexico is exacting Montezuma’s Revenge.

Imperial Beach abuts a National Wildlife preserve in San Diego Bay. Imagine the level of contamination for local residents. Beaches aren’t safe right now. The filth obviously compromised air quality as well. While sewage runoff during storms into the Tijuana River is typical, there’s a big difference between runoff and an intentional toxic waste dump.

“We don’t know what happened. We’re going to wait and find out — which is why we’re asking for a federal investigation,” Mayor Dedina added.

Environmental watch dog Wildcoast reported that no other sewage spill in the greater San Diego-Tijuana region approached this magnitude in years. Mexico blames old sewage infrastructure, or the lack of any plumbing in some Tijuana residences for the problem. The combination of crumbling infrastructure, lack of adherence to common sense environmental safety regulations, and sheer incompetence seem a more likely explanation. Tell me why some of that drug cartel money can’t be spent on indoor plumbing for Mexico’s poor?  If this is some kind of anti-Trump protest, his response should be interesting.

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