Mother KICKS Baby As Spectators Do Nothing [VIDEO]

Mother KICKS Baby As Spectators Do Nothing [VIDEO]

This video is 6 heart-wrenching seconds long. And it makes the case for forced sterilization.

A despicable subhuman woman physically assaults her infant daughter, because the baby cries.

Chen Mother KickingCriminal Facilitating Spectators

Video footage shot by a passerby shows a mother throwing and kicking her baby girl down a flight of steps. The footage, captured in the Guangdong province of southeast China, shows the callous b*tch yelling at the helpless baby:

‘Still crying?’

The heartless monster then kicked her baby into the concrete step she was lying against. In response, the baby naturally wailed even louder.

How could anything be worse than this vile crime? The videographer who didn’t do anything about it.

The witness filmed this six-second-long clip around 3pm on February 24. Two days later, the spectator uploaded her video to Weibo. The title: ‘Song Ge has a word.’

More than eight million viewers watched the clip, sharing their outrage. Yet the only person who could intervene did nothing except get “clicks.”

Who doesn’t stop this sh*t-for-brains parent who only stopped when she realized she was being filmed. I’d have b*tch-slapped her to the ground, not filmed it for worldwide fame. What the hell is wrong with people? That baby needed police protection immediately.

At least the video alerted police there was a problem.

Beijiao police then investigated. They were able to track the monster down.

Chen Mother ThrowingNot Punishment Enough

The mother is a 27 year old, surname Chen, from central China’s Hubei. When confronted by police, she did what all psychopaths do, made excuses. Chen told police she was under a lot of stress recently and found it difficult to control her emotions. Then she should not be near children – all of whom require the utmost patience.

When her baby wouldn’t stop crying, Chen claims she “lashed out.” Apparently “later” she greatly regretted her actions.

Was that after the video was posted? After the police got there?

According to police, medics gave the baby the all-clear, claiming she sustained no “identifiable injuries.” Absent an exam by a medical doctor, complete with MRI, that statement doesn’t reassure me. I don’t give a damn whether police could see bruises. That doesn’t mean anything without a medical exam. Her emotional scars will be felt for years.

The evil miscreant was verbally warned by police, who left the baby in her grandparents’ care. But for how long? The police should have mandated anger management counseling, at the least. Actually the woman should serve some time in jail for this.

Negligent disregard for an infant’s wellbeing should be a crime everywhere in the world. The mother may well have been momentarily frustrated. But that witness needs her mind checked too.


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