FEMINIST HYPOCRITES: Muslims Can Throw Rocks at Women

FEMINIST HYPOCRITES: Muslims Can Throw Rocks at Women

A billboard about “rocks” inspires feminist outrage.

Almost daily, newspapers report the stoning of women in the name of radical Islamic extremism. For left-wing feminists, an arguably offensive marketing sign is worth protesting. Sharia law murders are not.

Social media erupted recently over a North Carolina billboard promoting jewelry. The sign reads:

“Sometimes, it’s okay to throw rocks at girls.”

Billboard provokes feminist outrageVarious gemstones surround the phrase. As we all know, most women appreciate a gift of jewelry; particularly, stones in the form of diamonds.

Not feminists. Likely because they rarely get them.

Regardless, feminists’ disproportionate response labeled the sign sexist, disgusting, and a promotion of domestic violence. What a stretch.

Here are a couple examples of feminist outrage:

Caroline Kernahan posted

“I find this billboard absolutely disgusting…the message is not REMOTELY ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ and should never have appeared in print. What were you thinking?”

Cindy Gross wrote:

“Thanks for the horrible reminder of the boyfriend who pulled a knife on me, the countless harassments dismissed as ‘boys will be boys,’ and the people in my life who tried to make up for bad actions by buying me something.”

Shannon Page opined:

“Normalizing and finding humor in the, ‘He hit you because he likes you’ mentality that we feed to children is not OK.”

Interestingly, there was little outrage about the Islamic practice of stoning women, which frankly represented the “alt-message” for which the women express so much vitriol.

Continuing to take the billboard way out of context, 15 people protested outside the jeweler on Sunday.

One sign read: “You can’t possibly have thought ‘Throwing rocks at girls’ was harmless!”

English professor at Western Carolina University, Laura Wright wrote that the billboard “perpetuates the marketing myth that women must have diamonds, that men are required to buy them for us, that, most recently, “sometimes it’s ok to throw rocks at girls.”

Billboard provokes feminist outrageI know a few girls who would gladly have a few diamonds, rubies, or emeralds thrown their way.

Even Chelsea Clinton tweeted: “Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever.”

And the feminist movement circles back to bite its own buttocks.

Repeat after me: Context is Key!

“Jewelry is a gift that comes from love,” Spicer said. “The business is here to help people celebrate anniversaries, weddings and milestones like the birth of a first child.”

Why don’t these outraged feminists protest the real-life sexual assault and murder of women under Sharia law?

By the way, co-owner Eva-Michelle Spicer’s 87-year-old grandmother and 60-year-old aunt thought up the idea. Shame on these misogynistic, sexist women for wanting men to give jewelry to the women they love. That’s disgusting!

Based in Asheville for 91 years, Spicer Greene boasts four generations of family ownership.

The family intended the sign “to be a nostalgic thought of a childhood teaching,” Spicer said. “That it’s not OK to throw rocks at girls, it’s not OK to throw rocks at anyone.”

Billboard provokes feminist outrageCapitulating to offended snowflakes, owners will donate 10% of sales through Sunday to a domestic violence survivors’ shelter.

And what has become standard operating procedure for offending Leftists, Spicer Greene Jewelers also apologized on Facebook:

“To whom we have offended with our recent billboard, please accept our apologies. We do not condone violence of any kind toward any being. We are humble enough to realize when we make a mistake and humble enough to realize the context in which we are speaking…did not intend to cause controversy.”

Liberal women dismiss the irony.

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