North Korea Accuses John McCain of ‘Blasphemy’: FAT-SHAMING Kim Jong-un

Move over Amy Schumer, there a new fat kid in town. And his name is Kim Jong-un.

The world is well-aware of the young Kim who took over for his father, Kim Jong-il. He is now Kim Jong-Dead.

John McCain fat-shamingNow North Korea has a different madman at the helm.

Whenever the petulant youngster wants attention he threatens to showcase how his missiles explode shortly after launch.

John McCain fat-shaming

John McCain now takes advantage of Kim Jong-Un, as he speaks ill of the youngster. Recently McCain described the dictator as “the crazy fat kid that’s running North Korea.”

To use the words of McCain, “That…my friends…is how you FAT-SHAME!”

“He’s not rational,” McCain told MSNBC host Greta van Susteren on March 22nd. “We’re not dealing even with someone like Joseph Stalin, who had a certain rationality to his barbarity.”

Kim Jong-Un responded.

“What they uttered to dare hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK is just a manifestation of their worst hostility toward the DPRK’s ideology and social system and its people and a grave provocation little short of declaration of war against it,”

That’s a lot of words to say, “McCain really pissed us off!”

The North Korea’s Foreign Ministry responded that McCain (and his colleague Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who wants North Korea designated a state sponsor of terrorism) insulted the “dignity” of the supreme leader.

“The service personnel and people of the DPRK are regarding the dignity of their supreme leadership as their life and soul,” the statement continued:

As I read the transcribed statement from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, it reminded me of the blind (and idiotic) adulation the Left has for Barack Obama. But I digress, a bit.

I must admit, I love the long-winded prose of the North Koreans when they anger.

The US must know very well about how they react to any offensive acts against it. As such guys as John McCain and Ted Cruz made a provocation tantamount to a declaration of war against the DPRK, the DPRK will take steps to counter it. They will have to bitterly experience the disastrous consequences to be entailed by their reckless tongue-lashing and then any regret for it will come too late.

Ok, back to Obama.

If one dare to criticize Obama, “copy and paste” this message. It represents exactly how the lunatic Left would react.

Regarding McCain’s statement, you can bet that if Donald Trump had made it, the press would be in a blood-in-the-water shark feeding frenzy.

Trump would be described as “crazy,” and there would be calls for him to apologize to the “supreme leader.”

Certainly, it can be argued that McCain’s comments undermine Secretary of State Tilleson’s foreign policy? But the media will hail McCain as a hero, because he’s a maverick.



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