Notice Anything Strange in this Video of Maxine Waters

Notice Anything Strange in this Video of Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters measure her words carefully as she gives her hate-filled speech.

 video of Maxine WatersHowever, there is something much more interesting. Something is missing.

Can you hear the echo? It seems that Waters speaks only to herself.
It’s almost as if Waters is practicing the speech.

Certainly there is no backup, i.e. nobody sitting behind her. Where are the other members of the Congressional Black Circus? Were they watching Guam tip over?

Or perhaps they were figuring out new ways to rip off black scholarship recipients?


Not one congressman throughout the entire video voices agreement. Waters for all intents was speaking to herself. Actually, ranting to herself.

The same woman who said that everybody needed to support the president–the black one–now vows not to support the white one. Waters actually declared that she will work against President Trump. Let’s see how she reconciles that attitude as the president continues to help blacks.

The voters spoke, and they booted out the race pimps and other anti-American Leftists. If Americans signaled anything, it’s that race pimps like Waters have no clout.

Contrary to Waters’ declaration, race-baiting is not patriotic.

Thus the reason her peloton was so anemic.

Even BLM hasn’t come to her rescue. The NAACP can’t help her, and we know the president won’t. Maxine Waters stands alone.

Stirring up racial divisiveness, Waters “opposes” President Trump at the very beginning of his presidency. She refuses to give him either honor or respect. And why? Because his words offend her; his words are dangerous.

She claims she’s fighting for democracy by protesting his words. Waters is just a race pimp, pure and simple.


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