NYPD Turns on FBI: Clinton Covered Up Huma Abedin Crimes

NYPD Turns on FBI: Clinton Covered Up Huma Abedin Crimes

NYPD seized a laptop that proves Hillary Clinton knew Weiner was engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor. Clinton did absolutely nothing to protect the child.

Does it surprise anyone that the Hillary Clinton covered up Weiner’s sex crimes? Hopefully not. She certainly has a history of doing such things.

Remember, Hillary married Bill Clinton and the fun began.

Time and time again she bullied the women Bill Clinton victimized. However, this time Hillary went too far.

Instead of alerting the police or calling child services, she advised her aide to stop seeing Weiner. Bad publicity is a no-no when running for President.

As the True Pundit reports:

Not blowing the whistle on the serial sexter allowed Weiner to keep sexting the youth via cell phone and internet chats for approximately another four more months, NYPD sources said. While Clinton was busy campaigning to be the first female US president with Weiner’s wife and aide Huma Abedin, he was at home sending the 15-year-old online porn and divulging his rape fantasies to the girl, NYPD sources said. Weiner also apparently talked on the telephone with the girl, based on intelligence gleaned from the laptop.

Instead of rescuing the minor from a sex-obsessed Weiner, Clinton who was the Democratic presidential candidate at the time and eventual front runner, counseled her long time aide Abedin, to end her relationship with him because bad publicity could harm the campaign. NYPD officials said Clinton and Abedin discovered Weiner’s sexting with the minor in April 2016 and that he had already been corresponding with the youth for months.

Neither Clinton nor Abedin apparently did anything to stop the abuse of the minor. Instead, the repeated incidents — which breach a host of state and federal laws — were kept quiet.

As if laws apply to the Clintons?

The champion of Women’s Rights has struck again.

Hillary Clinton advertises herself as a champion of women’s rights. Further, she often looks into a camera to say that she wants all little girls to know they are special and strong and smart, even powerful. I think she even said “powerful”. But what about the young lady Weiner victimized?

And yet, Clinton routinely allows powerful men to demean and demoralize young women.

The teen Weiner contacted suffered from depression. She repeatedly told her predator that she wanted to end her life. So, as she contemplated suicide, Weiner sent another naked picture. Meanwhile, Hillary planned the cover-up.

NYPD Calls Bull$h*t.

Every American should ask themselves “why isn’t Hillary in jail?”

If you can forget Whitewater and Behghazi, what about the Hillary body count? Nobody else in the world has the fortune of their enemies dropping dead mysteriously at every turn.

Every time it seems Hillary is about to pay for her crimes, a total let-down occurs. And in the case of the Weiner “schnitzel,” the FBI demanded NYPD back down.

According to [NYPD] intelligence, there was discussion of charging Clinton with New York statutes for not alerting law enforcement that a minor was being repeatedly exploited. But such talk was ultimately quashed by federal prosecutors who said this was now an FBI and Justice Department case and no charges like that would originate from New York or from local law enforcement where the girl lived.

“One bullshit road block after another,” a NYPD source said.

It was clear that Clinton was to get a free pass although NYPD said investigators held out some hope she would be charged after the election, especially when she lost. Now five months later, Clinton is talking about running for New York City mayor instead of defending herself against criminal charges.

“They (feds) sat on it,” The NYPD source said. “F#<k*ng disgraceful.”

What did Clinton really know?

The list of details is long and disgusting.

It includes the fact that Weiner knew she was barely old enough to drive. He asked the young girl to undress, touch herself, and scream his name.

He described rape fantasies involving her. Then, Weiner even made her write a fake letter saying nothing inappropriate ever happened between them. This poor girl was only 14 years old at the start of this scandal and Hillary Clinton covered up every dirty detail.

Forget the emails; forget Russia. Hillary took part in the victimization of a vulnerable child. Now ask yourself this: What if she were my daughter?




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