REVEALED: Obama and Clinton IGNORED Latinos’ Jihad Warnings

REVEALED: Obama and Clinton IGNORED Latinos’ Jihad Warnings

The real dangers we face have nothing to do with Russia, and apparently, the Obama administration knew this.

conspiracy, Russia, #KevinJacksonBy now, most Americans are sick of stories that paint Putin as The Godfather.

If Putin did “interfere” in the U.S. election, he wasn’t necessarily the reason Hillary Clinton lost. But talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

As we recently penned, Obama and Clinton accomplished far worse. They killed Quaddafi and ousted Mubarak, who was later imprisoned.

And while leftists play “catch the Russian,” real threats emerge daily.

This month the National Center for Policy Analysis reported the Islamic extremism in Latin America is posing serious problems for the United States.

“The threat from Islamic extremists in Latin America remains an overlooked aspect of U.S. national security strategy,” NCPA senior fellow David Grantham argued.

Grantham noted that “Saudi Arabia has invested millions to construct mosques and cultural centers in South America and Central America that expand the reach of its rigid version of Islam, known as Wahhabism.”

“The international spread of Saudi dogma, which the State Department’s first special representative to Muslim communities worldwide, Farah Pandith, called ‘insidious,’ has laid the foundation for like-minded radicals to thrive in other areas of Latin America,” he explained.

National Security threats, #KevinJackson
Wikileaks published then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s off-the-record speech, and she warned of Iranian-sponsored terrorism through Latin American proxies.

Off-the-record doesn’t mean the statements should be ignored.

The Obama administration was well aware of the growing Islamic jihadist base of operations between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Furthermore, the area is known for funneling billions of dollars through illegal activities like arms dealing.

America’s inability, actually unwillingness to secure our southern border means we run the risk of Islamic jihadist expansion.

Given that Obama and Clinton wholly ignored the Latinos, one has to consider only two possibilities:

First, both Obama and Clinton love Muslim terrorists. They can deny this, but that would only leave us with one other option.

Second, Obama and Clinton only care about Latinos at election time.


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