More and more signs point to President Trump’s allegations being true about being spied on by Obama. It comes down to “raw intelligence.”

The anvil may fall soon on the head of the Left’s anointed one. What will Democrats do when it is discovered that Obama is no choir boy?

Below is an article written by Dave Bertrand. He connects the dots on how this investigation on “wiretapping” has suddenly heated up on Barack Obama and many of his minions.

Frankly, I feel pretty confident that Obama and his supporters will soon feast on crow. I wrote recently that you can see the buzzards circling, as the Left begin to demand an apology. An apology for reasonable conjecture, at worst.

Helen Keller sees and hears the bell toll for Leftists who dare buck Trump. Don’t make me…ok, November 8, 2016!

Dave writes:

Was Devin Nunes (R-CA) chairman of the House Intelligence Committee acting properly by going directly to President Trump with his new found “Raw Intelligence” discovery? Or should he instead have shared the illegal revelation with his colleague’s (Democrat Witch Hunt) investigation into “Russian Collusion” (alleged) against President-Elect Trump and the transition team?

First…let’s look at what is the “Raw Intelligence”. Then, you decide if President Trump was properly notified of illegal activity by the former administration preparing to take-down his presidency.

“Raw Intelligence” collected by the NSA, FBI, or CIA is data, voice, or video collected before an analyst categorizes, identifies, and submits his/her analysis to (let’s say) CIA Brennan or FBI Comey for further investigation and classification. Names and places are usually redacted, based on the security level of the receiver, e.g. (For Your Eyes Only). The information is then used as part of an agenda and/or strategy for further investigation and/or specific targeting for an eventual action.

Required by Law

Nunes (under law) was required to bring the illegal collection of data to President Trump.

This action has since created a major backlash by Dems, calling for Nunes to be prosecuted as a “Russian” surrogate.

The transcripts of the “Raw Intelligence” taken to President Trump on Thursday, March 16th by Nunes–which had absolutely “nothing to do with Russia”–contained 20 “unmasked” names, addresses and phone numbers of Trump, his family and others in his administration. These names along with redacted names were originally presented to the Obama Administration by unknown intelligence operatives during the transition period. Those transcripts were later leaked to Nunes by CIA / NSA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery via a prominent lawyer.

“Under grants of immunity, which I obtained through Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, Montgomery produced the hard drives and later was interviewed under oath in a secure room at the FBI Field Office in the District of Columbia. There he laid out how persons like then-businessman Donald Trump were illegally spied upon by Clapper, Brennan, and the spy agencies of the Obama administration.”

The transcripts in question are NEVER legally “unmasked” with U.S. Citizen names (shown) unless there was a FISA warrant approved before hand, which was not the case. This type of intelligence gathering had to have been (illegally) requested by someone under Obama, or Obama himself. There are no two ways about it….an illegal act has occurred and an outgoing administration cannot legally access intelligence on an incoming administration.

Far more damaging to the former Obama Administration is the fact that “Raw Intelligence” was by-passed by FISA and 20 names were “unmasked.”

Now that brings us to the million dollar question?

Why would Obama want to “wiretap” President Elect Trump and his people (possibly before the transition)? Evidence shows illegal gathering of data during the transition. The first thing that comes to mind is to damage Trump’s image and if the timing had been right, to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

Some speculate that Bill Clinton played a major role with “bugging” the Trump Tower when he made it a point to be at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at the same time DoJ Loretta Lynch was on the tarmac. However, the wishy-washy way that FBI Comey has presented himself has everyone scratching their heads. It has become obvious, Comey lied to Congress this week and knows more than what he wishes to tell.

The Russian “straw man” strategy by Dems to trap Trump and his people, but not get caught has been exposed. Dems hoped to have the excuse that (if) any of their shenanigans were discovered concerning NSA, FBI, and CIA “wiretapping”, it would be due to an investigation of a foreign identity with “incidental” results.

Even though, not one of the 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed “Russian Collusion,” the Dems and a few RINO’s along with FakeStream Media continue to use the Russian angle any way they can to hide the real reason for TrumpGate, a crime that far exceeds “WaterGate”.

What THEY have done constitutes treason, and it will be shown soon.

When that eventuality occurs, President Trump then dumps a good portion of the “swamp” in their laps. You’re seeing part of it now, as DemocRATS look for ways to jump ship.

Will they now attempt an “assassination”? Social media is abuzz with hope.

Or will they go peacefully into the night as their colleagues don the orange jumpsuits.

Imagine the America where Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Loretta Lynch and Comey go to jail.

It’s not nearly as far-fetched as it appeared when Trump first tweeted that word: “wiretap.”


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