HEY OBAMA: Trump’s MAGIC WAND Creates Another 25,000 Jobs

HEY OBAMA: Trump’s MAGIC WAND Creates Another 25,000 Jobs

There President Trump goes again…creating and saving REAL JOBS!

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that Charter Communications Inc has committed to investing $25 billion and hiring 20,000 workers over four years.

This statement sent the Left into attack mode.

Before I get to the “fake news” media, here is what FOX News reported:

President Trump is praising a plan by cable company Charter Communications to invest $25 billion and hire 20,000 American workers over the next four years.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Charter Communications CEO Thomas Rutledge joined Trump at the White House for the announcement.

Rutledge says that the company will return the call center jobs acquired through Time Warner Cable to the United States, opening a new call center in McAllen, Texas, and hiring 600 workers there.

Trump says the plans will be great for American workers. The president is telling Rutledge, “you watch, it will be one of your really fantastic decisions.”

As FOX News suggests, the creation of jobs is good news so why split hairs.

Obama poo-pooed on Bush’s administration when it was convenient, then took credit where he shouldn’t.

But the press allowed Obama his indulgences because he was their Messiah. However when it comes to President Trump, they unlevel the playing field.

Here’s how Reuters reported the announcement:

In May 2016 Rutledge said in a recorded interview there would be some overlap in management positions (after the TWC merger) but said the company would hire about 20,000 people over four years.

Rutledge said the broadband investment was being made “in the right regulatory climate and right tax climate … We’re committed to spending that predicated on the kind of regulatory consistency and efficiency that we expect as a country.”

Charter agreed in May 2016 to make significant broadband investment under a deal with the Federal Communications Commission that was part of winning approval to acquire the cable networks. At that time Charter agreed to extend high-speed internet access to another two million customers within five years, with one million served by a broadband competitor.

One can argue that the jobs would have happened under Obama. But then again so could the Carrier jobs, right?

The problem is they didn’t. Apparently, the magic shops were fresh out of “magic wands.”

Further, does anybody believe the companies who were moving offshore would have stopped their plans under Obama? Whoopi Goldberg would have a better chance at marrying Brad Pitt.

While Charter’s merger with Time Warner might cause some job growth, most mergers create fewer jobs. Those announcements amount to “damage control” more than they represent reality.

Under President Trump, Charter has a new reality, and the future looks bright.

Were these two communications giants predicting the outcome of the presidency, thus the announcement?

Here’s a very simple test.

Ask yourself, “If these jobs were going to come, why didn’t Obama make the announcement?”

Oh wait…his “magic wand” was in the shop!

I’m sure the Left will dismiss the CEO of Dow Chemical, when he said that the only reason Dow is investing more in the United States is because of the policies of Donald Trump. The CEO of Softbank said the very same thing in the lobby of Trump Tower, when he and President Trump made the announcement of his $50 billion investment.

Did any other thriving company ever say that about Obama? Did any thriving company that wasn’t on the public dole ever say anything close to this about Obama or his policies?

Business in America is booming because of Trump.

There is no legacy of Obama, except one of failure. Thankfully, we can now Make America Great Again!


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