OUCH: O’Reilly Reveals Megyn Kelly’s Nickname at FOX

OUCH: O’Reilly Reveals Megyn Kelly’s Nickname at FOX

According to Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly had a nickname at FOX News.

We learned from Washington Feed that Megyn’s moniker was “Me-Again” Kelly.

Megyn Kelly's nicknameDuring her tenure at FOX News, Kelly and O’Reilly battled over network supremacy. I was actually told once, “Kevin, you know that FOX has attached its future to Megyn.”

Let’s face it; at one point Megyn Kelly was hot. And Bill O’Reilly, not so much.

O’Reilly is undoubtedly an egomaniac. Nevertheless, he said it was “always about Megyn.”

I wrote this of the rift that’s already developed at MSNBC with Megyn’s arrival:

You may have seen Tamron Hall filling in for other “Today” hosts, hosting “MSNBC Live,” “Deadline: Crime on Investigation Discovery,” “Dateline Extra” or “NBC Nightly News.”

From all appearances, Hall seems professional and affable. But then you must remember that she’s on NBC and she’s black.

Yes, Hall is a flaming leftist, trained by the best bourgeois white leftist enablers money can buy.

And now Hall has decided to leave MSNBC.

The claim is that Hall has decided not to renew her contract, and whatever “fake news” nonsense the media wants to present. But the likely truth is Tamron Hall sees Megyn Kelly’s arrival as a sign that Hall has the desk closest to the door.

If you didn’t know the name Tamron Hall, you’re not alone. I only recognized her from the investigative shows that I’m somewhat addicted to, and let’s face it: Hall is easy on the eyes.

But once I learned of her politics, I could easily read between the lines on this latest development.

NBC will build much of their rebranding around Megyn Kelly. That’s a name you do know. Love her or hate her, you actually do know her.

I don’t think the FOX News audience misses Megyn Kelly in the least.

I would blame it on the fickle nature of the public.

However, in this case, I believe the Trump factor was a big part of what I believe will be Megyn’s inability to bring a new audience.

FOX News had already begun to experience the decline:

When it debuted, Tucker Carlson’s show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged 3 million viewers, including 576,000 in the 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. The viewership boost was a 10 percent increase over the 2016 average for Kelly’s former show, “The Kelly File.” More importantly for FOX News, the ratings showed a 12 percent increase in the 25-54 demographic.

Compared to last year at the same time, Carlson’s show was up 21 percent in total viewers and 52 percent in the 25-54 demographic.

Though Megyn Kelly has the looks, MSNBC brought her over for her audience; at the very least her ability to get and maintain an audience.

Megyn Kelly now works at a network where she can tout “Me-Again.” Personally, I hope it works out for her.



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