Nancy Pelosi: I’m Not Retiring Until Trump Is Gone

Nancy Pelosi: I’m Not Retiring Until Trump Is Gone

Funny how Leftists believe they are in charge. House Minority Leader (D-CA) Pelosi seems to think she controls her life.

I suggest she check with Teddy Kennedy. Because, God retired his good-for-nothing ass, and he can do the same for Pelosi.

Pelosi said Friday that she would have retired if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been elected. Tempted as it may be, Pelosi’s retirement wouldn’t have changed my mind about who I wanted as president.

According to CNN, Pelosi told reporters after her interview Friday at The Monitor Breakfast — hosted by The Christian Science Monitor — that “if Hillary had won, I was ready to go home.”

“It was really shocking that someone like Donald Trump would be president of the United States. We yearn for the day of a Mitt Romney or a George Bush or someone,” Pelosi said. “But anyway, that motivated me to stay now.”

Remember when Pelosi made this prediction?

And after Pelosi guaranteed that Donald Trump would not be president, we now have President Trump.

So her track record is not that impressive.

Now, Pelosi claims she needs to stay around to protect ObamaCare. Just what Obama needs, an old white racist grandma defending his legacy.

You can bet that if the House Republicans unveiled the identical proposal as ObamaCare, Pelosi would fight them. So you know she will fight the American Health Care Act.

The media says the new Republicanized ObamaCare is worse. That’s because the Democrats made dismantling ObamaCare almost impossible. Legislatively it must be done in phases.

So as the fake news Washington Post put it:

In fact, it’s so far from terrific that there doesn’t seem to be anyone other than House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) himself who thinks this bill isn’t a disaster. It’s being attacked not just from the left but from the right as well. Heritage Action and the Club for Growth, two groups that exist to browbeat Republicans into upholding hard-right principles, have just come out against it.

So House Republicans have accomplished something remarkable: They have written a bill that would make every problem they’ve complained about much, much worse. If there’s any saving grace, it’s that almost no one will be happy about it, except for the wealthy people to whom it gives a gigantic tax cut.


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