Pelosi SHOUTED DOWN at Her Town Hall on ObamaCare [VIDEO]

Pelosi SHOUTED DOWN at Her Town Hall on ObamaCare [VIDEO]

In case you’re wondering how far Left the Left can go, check out this Town Hall meeting.

Pelosi explains that she’s always supported single-payer, aka government-run health care, and that’s not good enough for her constituents. California isn’t called the Land of Fruits and Nuts and Fairies for nothing!

As American Lookout writes,

The House Minority Leader found that out the hard way when her constituents attending a Saturday town hall meeting in San Francisco repeatedly shouted out and jeered as she said what they apparently thought were wobbly statements.

Several times, she clashed with her own constituents, who were largely sympathetic to her agenda.

Appearing with Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Pelosi was confronted by activists with Indivisible, a group that has been turning out left-wing citizens largely at Republican town hall meetings across the country.

When Pelosi told the group that she has supported a single-payer health scheme for 30 years, shouts and jeers erupted.

“Sorry?” a confused Pelosi said looking out into the crowd.

The funny part of this video for me begins when Pelosi said, “I was on the streets…”

Pelosi shouted downAnd her career never changed. Once a prostitute, always a prostitute.

Pelosi added,

“In the Affordable Care Act, in certain respects we have gone to the left of Medicare for all…”

The crowd began to yell, and Pelosi tried to interrupt:

“Yes, yes, yes…Do you want to listen or do you just want to speak?”

Pelosi then explained her workaround for not getting single-payer, and essentially why ObamaCare cost so freaking much.

“We tried to mitigate by not getting the public option by putting as many benefits in the bill as possible.”

She discussed adding catastrophic illness, something that happens to very few people. Moreover, why should the public pay for one’s catastrophe, when the free market has options.

Texas doesn’t sell a lot of earthquake insurance, for example.

It’s hard to believe that Californians actually want more government. These people are worlds away from mainstream America. However, in watching this video, it’s easy to see why Pelosi get elected time and again.

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