President Trump to Democrats: I’m Not Done Kicking Leftist Butt

President Trump to Democrats: I’m Not Done Kicking Leftist Butt

President Trump fired his first shot at the Democrats and it was a DIRECT HIT!

In his first address to Congress, President Trump met with an ice cold group Left side of the aisle. Surprise!

Democrats Trump snubIn a long-held tradition, presidents greet congressional representatives as they approach the podium to address Congress. However in this first speech by President Trump, those greetings were amazingly partisan.

The ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), vowed not to shake President Donald Trump’s hand at his first speech to Congress.

“Unfortunately, since January 20th, the new administration has shown no interest in working with the Congress on both sides to tackle problems, including Russia‘s unlawful interference in last year’s election. That’s why I’ve decided not to stand on the aisle of the House chamber to shake the president’s hand during this joint session of Congress, as I have done in the past.”

The Leftists know that President Trump has no ties to Russia, but they need a red herring to chase; pardon the pun.

Meanwhile, the Trump snub continues.

More than half of the new president’s cabinet has yet to be confirmed by the Senate due to liberal delay tactics. Ironically, they claim to want bipartisan cooperation. Yet most won’t shake his hand or even meet with him?

Recall inauguration:

Dozens of Democrats skipped President Trump’s inauguration to protest the threat he represents to their anti-American policies. Were they missed? {insert big laugh here}

As for the speech, President Trump knocked it out of the park

trump snubAmerica got to see who was the uniter and who were dividers. Handshakes aside, the Democrats were on the wrong side of almost every issue. And the president was sure to highlight that.

He began the speech by recognizing blacks on the final day of Black History Month. Then he promptly noted racial tensions…against Jews. How shrewd of him to stand with Israel, while reminding America of exactly who hates the Jews: Muslims, Democrats, and certainly Congressman Keith Ellison.

President Trump went on to highlight a litany of things he’s accomplished. These accomplishments showcased promises kept. At this point in the speech, any respectable Democrat should have run for cover. Note: there are no respectable Democrats.

The Trump Speech Was in a Word…Masterful.

In reminding people of his promises he has kept, President Trump also reminded them of promises NOT kept by his predecessor. Further he demonstrated an unabashed attack on Leftism, in keeping America safe. His promise to Make America Great Again would be kept no matter what.

And for those who wanted to know if President Trump can be presidential, you saw it. You witnessed an alpha male versus a pansy-ass metrosexual.

Leftists departed the chamber like scalded swamp rats, after the speech. My bet is they ran to Home Depot to buy “swamp plugs.” Because Trump left little doubt he would be draining the swamp.

Although the president threw an olive branch to Democrats, saying we must work together. There was a subtle translation in his words. Essentially he said, “My policies will get done, with or without you.”

Trump was indeed presidential. He proved that he was the right choice, and I suggest Democrats “short” their stocks. They are about to get devalued fast.

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