Rachel Maddow showcases Leftist intellectualism. She thinks she’s smart, when in fact her antenna doesn’t get all the channels.

They say Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar. But then again Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Yet Maddow committed career suicide on live TV. She spent her day waving around an over-hyped tax return that proves Liberals wrong.

As most of America, perhaps the world knows by now, Maddow teased that she had President Trump’s 2005 taxes. Maddow’s intent was to prove that Trump didn’t pay his taxes.

This became a Leftist mantra, “Trump never paid taxes.” Interestingly, Trump never bothered to acknowledge the accusation. Thus Maddow joined the witch hunt.

Maddow spent most of her day setting the narrative for the story. And then Maddow found out why Trump is the ringmaster.

In a move that would make P. T. Barnum smile, President Trump scooped Maddow, releasing his taxes beforehand.

The Fun Begins as Maddow Unravels

Scoop notwithstanding, the real fallout had only begun.

As it turns out, despite the ability to not pay taxes due to earlier losses, Donald Trump in 2005 had paid taxes. A lot of taxes. $38 MILLION in taxes.

Allow me to spare you the details, except to say that Maddow spent almost the entire show stalling. She’d been scooped, AND her narrative was blown.

If only there had been a way to tie Trump to RUSSIA!

Ironically, Maddow didn’t even acknowledge that Trump paid $38 million in taxes. Nor did she explain that he could have avoided the tax burden due to his $916 million loss in 1995, an exemption he could use for up to 18 years.

Adding insult to stupidity, Van Jones commented:

“If all we got tonight is Trump paid $38M in taxes, it’s a good night for Trump. Thanks to MSNBC we now know that Trump paid a higher tax rate than Obama, MSNBC and Bernie Sanders.”

By the time her show rolled around, everyone knew what Rachel Maddow was trying to say. However, she didn’t fool anyone.

Nothing but boredom came from watching Maddow. #KevinJackson called it “Al Capone’s Vault 2.0”

Twitter mocked Maddow before the show even ended.

Then here was a blast from the past, as Rachel Maddow explain how there was no way Donald Trump could win.

This tweep had some fun with MSNBC tax cheats:

And here’s a bit of Leftist hypocrisy that should garner a chuckle!

Finally, take a trip back to the future. Here’s what Hillary Clinton said of Trump and his taxes.

And they wonder why Trump gave them the “fake news” nickname?

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