RELEASED ON BAIL: Terrorist Accused of Planning ISIS-Inspired Attack

RELEASED ON BAIL: Terrorist Accused of Planning ISIS-Inspired Attack

The sanctuary county infamous for releasing 400 criminal illegals every ten days makes Americans less safe once again.

Maricopa County, Arizona law enforcement released another criminal on bail. So what this jihadi wants to mass-murder Christians?

Derrick Thompson, 30, stands accused of plotting to carry out “lone wolf” attacks in the United States. Authorities released this radical Islamic extremist from jail on March 14 after he posted a $75,000 bond.

Don’t be surprised to learn that Beyonce and Jay-Z posted his bail.

Thompson becomes al-Amriki

Derrick Thompson, bailThe ISIS-inspired Thompson renamed Abu Talib al-Amriki is a repeat felon, convicted previously for aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Allow me to translate for leftists: al-Amriki was not legally permitted to purchase a firearm.

But don’t think that stopped him, as al-Amriki was on a mission. Thus, he tried to purchase a weapon in January 2015.

Communications with a handgun seller on revealed that then-Thompson wanted a CW9 semi-automatic weapon. He was unsuccessful in that attempt.

In January 2017, Thompson pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. His crimes included assisting a criminal syndicate, attempting to commit misconduct involving weapons, and inciting a criminal syndicate. The terrorist-in-training tried to buy the weapon “with the intent to use that weapon to promote or further the objectives of a criminal syndicate.”

Court documents reveal this “avowed jihadist” became radicalized as early as July 2014.

Two and a half years of his online postings support ISIS. You can bet al-Amriki wasn’t on James Comey’s FBI terrorist watch list.

Moreover, “Hundreds” of Thompson’s Google searches were for weapons such as assault rifles, scopes, ammunition, and crossbows.

As recently as October, Thompson’s Google searches included martyrdom vs. suicide, “fatwa on killing civilians,” and which types of handguns were the most powerful. Because every good jihadists’ goal is to inflict maximum pain on their murder victims.

An October 2016 Google Plus post by Thompson declared:

‘Right, we need to get down with this ISIS sh-t.’

In the same month, the jihadist also searched “midnight mass.” It was clear the terrorist intended to target Christians in an attack.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force conducted a two and a half year federal investigation into Thompson. Federal officials stated:

“Thompson had posted support for the type of ‘lone wolf’ attacks that ISIS organizers have encouraged in Western nations.”

Even with this information, the judge released him on bail.

Terms of his release require al-Amriki to wear an electronic monitoring device. 

No chance of him getting around that device. And of course, we know he will comply with the laws of the land, like a good ISIS follower.

I’d like to see a conservative, Tea Party Community member try this.

Imagine that you are a repeat offender, who breaks the terms of your parole by attempting to purchase a weapon.

Any chance that a judge “punishes” this convicted felon (who plotted a terror attack on leftists) by granting you bail?

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