REVEALED: Maddow Names Source Behind Her Spectacular ‘Trump Tax’ FLOP

REVEALED: Maddow Names Source Behind Her Spectacular ‘Trump Tax’ FLOP

Rachel Maddow won’t take the fall all by herself.

As most politically astute Americans know by now, Maddow revealed her version of “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault.”

That show was a live, two-hour special that aired in 1996 featuring Geraldo Rivera. Built up for weeks in advance, the show garnered an estimated 30 million viewers who tuned in to see something spectacular — the unveiling of what was inside the infamous mobster’s secret vault.

However, when the vault was finally opened the only things found inside were dirt and some empty bottles.

After the show, Rivera was at least professional enough to own it by saying, “Seems like we struck out.”

It’s a lesson in humility and accepting responsibility from which Geraldo’s media cohort Rachel Maddow could learn.

After serving up the biggest investigative reporting flop certainly in the brief era of the Trump presidency — and possibly since ‘Capone’s Vault’ — Maddow had to choose a road to responsibility for her quite public gaffe: the high road (owning and admitting it) or the low one (placing blame onto someone else.) Surprising no one — just like last time — she’s gone with the latter.

Maddow chose the latter.

She blames someone else. Who she blames may surprise you, as Maddow blames her audience.

Fox & Friends tweeted:

“WOW! Rachel Maddow blames viewers for her Trump tax dud, says people “expected too much” and quoted Maddow’s statement on the matter:

Maddow’s peers don’t seem to believe the audience is at fault. Here is how we documented some of their angst.

While Conservatives giggled over the Rachel Maddow nationwide TV flop over TrumpTax, Leftists weren’t so jubilant.

Many Leftist felt that Maddow let them down, as she not only didn’t destroy Trump but in fact vindicated him.

Worse yet, Maddow hyped her segment up to the point that many Leftists readied their gluten-free popcorn and mimosas for the spectacle. The dominant Leftist political pundit tantalized her based, and then she let them down.

Stephen Colbert certainly saw the humor in her flop, and he didn’t point the finger at her audience.

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