SHOCKING VIDEO FOOTAGE Shows Diner Beaten to the Floor

SHOCKING VIDEO FOOTAGE Shows Diner Beaten to the Floor

The world is a dangerous place….because of Leftists.

You must be careful everywhere you go, as you don’t know what will set some stupid ass Leftist off.
In this video, you see the black guy prepping for a fight, as he removes his jacket. What reason could he possibly have to fight. Nobody punches him, or pushes his kids; none were even present.

The white guy with whom he eventually fights doesn’t appear to menace him in any way.

We will likely never know what started this fight, but it’s harrowing to watch. Here’s how the Examiner reported it.

This is the shocking moment a takeaway customer is headbutted by another man last Friday.

The 95-second clip starts as one man removes his suit jacket and says: ‘Do you want to speak to me like that again?’

He then walks over to the other man, who has his back to him as he orders his food, before headbutting his victim as he turns around.

A loud crack can be heard as the man falls to the ground, but it gets up and scuffles with the man who attacked him.

The pair then move around the restaurant, as two females, one still holding her sandwich, try to intervene and stop the fight.

The brawl then looks like the typical street fight, where neither fighter knows what he’s doing.

However, in the white guy’s defense, he could have been showing restraint. He appears to not take advantage of getting the upper hand.
I can tell you I would have shown no restraint, particularly after getting sucker “butted.” The black man was fortunate he found a compassionate guy who only wanted to de-escalate.
People seem to have lost their humanity. I find these types of situations escalating in direct proportion to the number of Leftists around.
 The article continues,

The pair then swing punches wildly at each other, before crashing into the glass entrance, as blood starts to pour from the headbutted man’s nose and covers the other’s white shirt.

The headbutted man manages to pin him in a hold by the door and asks him: ‘Do you think you’re a man. Why the f*** are you attacking me? Can you calm down?’

The pair are eventually separated and the footage ends with the headbutted man holding a tissue to his nose and the other walks out of the restaurant in his blood-soaked shirt.

Be careful out there, and avoid Liberals where possible.

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