SHOCKING: Nanny Cam Confirms Woman’s Worst Fears

SHOCKING: Nanny Cam Confirms Woman’s Worst Fears

Be careful who you bring into your life.

Life deals tough lessons.

This woman began dating a guy and like the newness of most relationships, she overlooked a few things.

He seemed to snap a bit at times, but she figured it was stress. Also, he never took things out on her, so all was well.

The relationship developed quickly, and he began to spend more time at her house. She had two dogs that she considered her “babies,” and she treated them as such.

Soon after her new boyfriend began hanging out at her place, she noticed a change in her “babies.” They became more sullen, and skiddish, particularly when the new man in her life was around. Slowly she began to see changes in her babies, her dogs.

Her suspicion aroused, she placed a camera in her home to see why the change had occurred. Below is what she captured.

This guy was a bomb waiting to explode on her.

As the ALDF explains,

Several academic studies have found a clear link between animal cruelty during youth and violence against humans as an adult. This link is so well established, profilers routinely use animal cruelty reports in their assessment of the possible threat criminals pose.

Studies have also found that men who abuse their domestic partners often target the family’s companion animals, as well. An abused dog or cat often means there’s a bruised child, spouse or elder in the same home.

The legal experts in ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program work closely with law enforcement agencies across the country to ensure that animal abuse cases are taken seriously. In doing so, they frequently find themselves educating prosecutors and police officers about the link between crimes against animals and crimes against humans.

“Sometimes it helps them understand how important it is to vigorously pursue these cases,” says Scott Heiser, director of ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program. “When someone is prosecuted for animal abuse, it sends a signal to other potential abusers in the community. It says violent behavior won’t be tolerated. And it also puts a mark on the abuser’s permanent record so in the future law enforcement officials know this is somebody who has these dangerous tendencies.”

Hopefully, the woman did more than leave this abuser.

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