REDEMPTION: Showboating Leftist Gets BLASTED

REDEMPTION: Showboating Leftist Gets BLASTED

Few people like a showboat, and that’s what this one guy is.

There is no room for dancing in a mixed martial arts fight, yet this obvious leftist thought otherwise. Apparently, John Harding believed he was so skilled he could pull off his disco moves, while simultaneously engaging in an MMA match.

A bit more background is provided by BJ Penn,

On February 18, mixed martial arts amateurs Joe Harding and Johan Segas stepped into the cage at the British Challenge MMA 18 event in Colchester, England.

This would be Harding’s sixth amateur event, going into the fight with a 4-1 amateur record losing his last fight by split decision. Harding won his first four amateur bouts, getting a TKO in his amateur debut and then earning unanimous decision wins in his next three bouts.

Segas, on the other hand, made his mixed martial arts amateur debut in his fight against Harding.

The political parallels of this fight readily reveal themselves.

As I watched Harding (the showboater), I was reminded of the parallels between Trump and Clinton in the election of 2016.

In this fight, Clinton is represented by Harding. She was overconfident, if not downright cocky. She showboated big time. At one point the Clinton strategy shifted to “being the adult in the room.” How condescending.

In defense of Harding, if he were truly Clinton he would have worn brass knuckles into the ring. When caught, he would have denied that the illegal weapon was his, even if the brass knuckles were on his hands. Next, he would have accused his opponent of grabbing women by the p*ssy.

For me, it was impossible to watch this video without hoping Segas would catch Harding during a showboating move. The chance appeared remote at best, as Harding is crafty.

Showboating Leftist 2Then out of nowhere came the kick that made me smile. BOOM; right to the face!

Seeing Harding’s body get tight, then hit the deck brought back faint memories of Nov 8, 2016. My bet is you felt much the same.

Anyway, no showboating needed when you have the goods. Congratulations Segas…and Trump!


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