George Soros Funding Hillary Clinton War Against Trump

George Soros Funding Hillary Clinton War Against Trump

Dr. Evil  Billionaire George Soros is supposedly considering funding a rapid response team. The team functions to protest the GOP at a moment’s notice.

Soros, #KevinJacksonProtest groups Indivisible and the Women’s March Organization recently joined forces to oppose Trump. Now Democracy Alliance, the Soros-aligned group is considering funding the Women’s March Organization, a group that has at least six Clinton aides in leadership roles. Meanwhile, Soros already provides funds for Indivisible.

According to the Daily Caller:

Soros is well-known for bankrolling various left-wing efforts, including Black Lives Matter, and sank millions of dollars into supporting Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

The billionaire once wrote that he considers himself “some kind of god” with “messianic fantasies,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Recently Indivisible was exposed for manufacturing a hostile Town Hall for Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. This new group would take on similar tasks, able to nimbly respond.

The Pathetic Left

Leftists can’t rely on true protests to happen, so they pay for them. They then rely on the Fake News to help stir up drama. It’s interesting to see what happens when these people are stripped of their lies.

Interestingly, when these people are stripped of their lies and shown the truth a blind test, they prove the GOP right time after time.

Yet the Left’s minions blindly follow. These “rapid response teams” completely lack the ability to make independent decisions.

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton surrogates are excited to join with Indivisible to deliver a presentation to Soros and other members of Democracy Alliance this week. This meeting will help Soros search for new ways to oppose Trump’s agenda.

Meanwhile, I defy anyone to explain what good came from the Women’s March or any of Indivisible’s protests.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything. Neither can anybody on the Left.




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