Squatters Took Over Veteran’s Home And Then Karma Kicked In

Squatters Took Over Veteran’s Home And Then Karma Took Over

Leftists have created the laziest group of Americans in the history of this nation.

Try to imagine ANY group of leftists surviving had the country been thrown back to its founding. Leftist morons would be looking for supermarkets.

Which brings me to this story. This happened a while back, however the scenario still occurs. Apparently, leftists have laws on the books that allow good-for-nothing Democrat-voting a-holes to take over a person’s home, should they be AT WAR FOR THE COUNTRY!

That’s what the video shows this leftist and his girlfriend doing: freeloading.

As Your Nation News reported at the time,

Army Specialist Michael Sharkey normally lives in the city of New Port Richey, Florida. The Army decided to station Sharkey at a base in Hawaii for a term of two years. This meant that Sharkey and his wife had to pick up everything and move to the base in Hawaii for that time. They left their Florida home in the care of a close friend while they were away.

When the two years of service in Hawaii were up, Sharkey and his wife returned to their Florida home. They were greeted with a locked door. Two ex-convicts had apparently forced their way into the house while the couple was in Hawaii. The ex-convicts changed the locks on the doors once they had moved in. When Sharkey tried to gain entry to his home, the convicts refused and claimed that they now lived there legally.

The fact the ex-squatters took over bikers showed upconvicts established residency, however, meant eviction had to be done through civil court.

News of the squatters was received poorly by other veterans around the country. A group of bikers who are all military veterans announced that they would ride together to Sharkey’s home. The intention was to get the squatters out using non-violent methods. The news of the bikers appeared to be too much for the squatters. They left the house soon after the announcement that the bikers were coming.

What we the people can learn from this is simple: it is we, not government who rule the land.

I had a situation close to this when I rented a home to a young man.

He paid first and last months’ rent and security deposit, and moved in.

Month two passed, and he made no payment. Month three came and went, and I swung by my house to visit him.

He was a big white man, about 25 years old. I asked him what the problem was with paying rent, and he explained that he knew the law, and there was nothing I could do. It was explained to him that he wouldn’t be dealing with the law. Instead, he would be dealing with me.

Further, I explained to him that I would be back at MY house tomorrow, where I would begin kicking the crap out of him. If he didn’t show up, then there were other things he might consider. Property has a funny way of burning down.

I assured him that he would see strange cars and people coming by the house at odd hours, and they would be very visible to him. At times, he might be grocery shopping, when he sees some of these same people.

I came back the next afternoon, and he had left.

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