Barbra Streisand Blames Trump for Her Weight: Does This Trump Make Me Look Fat?

Barbra Streisand Blames Trump for Her Weight: Does This Trump Make Me Look Fat?

Obama’s real legacy: teaching liberals how to blame other people for their own shortcomings.

Maybe she shouldn’t binge watch the Fake Clinton News Network. If this Hollyweirdo got her news from truth tellers, she wouldn’t want to carb load.

Breakfast of Losers

Trump Made Me FatBarbra Streisand alleges that news about President Donald Trump makes her gain weight. Here I thought she had moved to Guam or some other God-forsaken armpit that appreciates her music?

According to Streisand, Trump news affects the singer’s morning routine. She tweeted this on Saturday:

“Donald Trump is making me gain weight. I start the day with liquids, but after the morning news, I eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup!”

Memo to Babs: your intake of food with your fat mouth is the reason you gain weight. Further, the likely fact that you won’t get off your lazy Leftist ass, poses a second possibility.

Since when did Trump become the whipping boy for everything bothering these psychos?

Dont’ believe me; check out another Streisand tweet:

“Trump just accused Obama of tapping his phones. Seriously crazy times. Time for more pancakes.”

Personal Accountability

What woman wouldn’t give her first born to live the life of Streisand. These women can afford anything they want. For the love of Richard Simmons, this guano crazy Leftist could have people lifting her buttocks and Pterodactyl wings for her, and still lose weight.

Dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers, hormone balance, and so on, and yet she blames Trump.

New memo to Babs: you were pretty chunky under the black guy too.

What next? Streisand blames Trump for her NOSE?

If anybody is to blame, what about OPRAH! If there’s anybody who has done women (especially rich women) in America a disservice, it’s Oprah. They should name a yo-yo after this woman, a “truth-in-advertising” fraud, par excellent.

Understand that Oprah never, repeat NEVER did any diet on her own. She was surrounded by professionals, then credited some program she profited from, ergo Weight Watchers.

Streisand has commented that Trump was “dangerous and unfit for office.” Let’s run with that for just a minute, then ask, “What the heck does this have to do with Streisand shoveling pancakes down her throat like a stork feeding on fish?!”

Time to strap on the Depends, put on the spandex, and put it out there…in the gym for Streisand and other Leftist struggling with Trump.

Any bets on her doing that? LOL…Fat chance, right?!


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