BREAKING: Another TERROR ATTACK This One Outside British Parliament

BREAKING: Another TERROR ATTACK This One Outside British Parliament

If there are no guns in England, how can there be a shooting?

Because the criminals have guns, perhaps? 

And why not call this what it is…a TERROR ATTACK! Look at how the New York Times covers this story.

LONDON — The police evacuated the area around the British Parliament after reports of a shooting Wednesday afternoon.

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Numerous political journalists reported that someone had been shot near Portcullis House, an office building housing lawmakers and members of their staff. London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers had been summoned at about 2:40 p.m. to Westminster Bridge, which crosses the River Thames next to Parliament, over reports of “a firearms incident.”

Christopher Hope, a political journalist for The Daily Telegraph, reported at 2:41 p.m. that he had heard shots fired outside Parliament.

Kevin Schofield, a journalist at the political website Politics Home, reported that a police officer had been injured, and that he had seen an assailant carrying a knife or a gun.

Reuters said that the parliamentary complex had been locked down. Several members of Parliament reported that they been told to find cover. The BBC reported that an air ambulance had landed inside the complex.

Black thug or “religion of peace” perpetrator?

We will find out soon. Of course, Londoners already know; they just fear reporting the truth.

You can bet many London (and other ) Leftists hope the shooter is a member of Brexit, aka the disgruntled white people society. But know that none of them would give you odds in favor of that scenario.

Here are a few more details; let’s call them HINTS!

Witnesses say a car mowed down five pedestrians before crashing into the gates outside Portcullis House.

A police officer has reportedly been stabbed.

Now, let’s consult our “Rules for Muslim Radical Attacks” checklist, shall we?

  • Use of a car to mow down infidels…CHECK
  • Use of a knife to stab infidel “looky-lous“…CHECK
  • Yelling “Allahu akbar!” during attack…PENDING!

The leader of the House of Commons David Lidington says an alleged assailant was shot by armed police “inside the parliament perimeter.” 

“Colleagues will have appreciated that events have been moving rapidly and I want to emphasise that the knowledge that I have which is definite is so far very limited,” Ligington told MPs.

Expect updates later today…



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