BRUTAL BACKLASH For Thugs Who Attacked Pro-Trump Event

BRUTAL BACKLASH For Thugs Who Attacked Pro-Trump Event

The Irony

The same people that cry about ‘Hate’, ‘Racism’, ‘Sexism’, and ‘Nazism’ are often the biggest Nazis.

At a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach, CA (aka ‘Surf City’), a group of anarchist thugs tried to disrupt the event, and soon realized that they made a big mistake!

As the Los Angeles Times reported:

Violence erupted at a Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach on Saturday when an anti-Trump protester allegedly doused the organizer of the event with pepper spray and was immediately set upon by a group of Trump supporters, who started punching and kicking him, according to witnesses at the scene.

The crowd then chased the man, who jumped over a fence and started running along Pacific Coast Highway, where he was detained by California Highway Patrol officers.

A handful of other counter-protesters fled the scene.

ABC News picks up the story and provides further details:

The violence erupted when the march of about 2,000 people at Bolsa Chica State Beach reached a group of about 30 counter-protesters, some of whom began spraying the irritant, said Capt. Kevin Pearsall of the California State Parks Police. Three people were arrested on suspicion of illegal use of pepper spray and a fourth person was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery, he said.

 An anti-Trump protester who allegedly used the eye irritant was kicked and punched in the sand by a group of Trump supporters.  Counter-protesters said before the march began that they planned to try to stop the march’s progress with a “human wall.”

In other words, a bunch of snowflakes showed up to cause trouble and become SJW social media heroes. Except Huntington Beach is not Berkeley.

“Leftist Tolerance”…A Look Back

This is not the first time the pseudo-PC warriors have used pepper spray as a weapon. 

Remember student Kiara Robles was pepper sprayed doing a TV interview during the Berkeley riots just a couple months ago:

As previously reported here, an extremist group calling themselves BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) advocates the use of violence during protests.

Tucker Carlson interviewed the group’s leader, a middle school teacher:

Remember the unhinged Liberal insanity on full display during President Trump’s Inauguration weekend?

A Trump supporter called for ‘PEACE’ as he put out a fire. For his passivity, he was punched in the face by anti-Trump rioters.

An Old Strategy

Many have forgotten, but this appears to be a continuation of a DNC campaign strategy known as bird dogging’. Bird-dogging is a tactic where political operatives incite violence at events in order to create a toxic false narrative.



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