Thugs Forced to Fight PROFESSIONAL KICKBOXERS as Punishment [VIDEO]

Thugs Forced to Fight PROFESSIONAL KICKBOXERS as Punishment [VIDEO]

This is JUSTICE! I’d love to see a program like this implemented in the United States, where thugs get “street justice.”

Leftists seem to like how other countries do things, like nationalized health care, and so on. How about a crime prevention program like that in Thailand?

As reported here,

In 2014 a politician in Buriram City, Thailand was fed up with the destruction that occurred during Thai New Year (Songkran) that he decided to punish anyone disrupting the Thai New Year festivities in a unique way.

Rather than haul them off to jail, anyone that was causing trouble would be forced to fight three rounds with a pro Muay Thai fighter. Five young men were apprehended by event staff and forced to fight as their punishment according to the Tokyo Times.

This politician was definitely thinking out of the box for this punishment, and was clearly trying to send a message.

If there is one thing that tends to be true is that most thugs aren’t very tough. They put fear in people, but when it comes to hand to hand combat there isn’t much to worry about. In the case of the five young thugs that were forced to fight, this was very true.

It was embarrassing to see wannabe tough guys get thrown around the ring, at least for them. They definitely won’t be living down the beatings they received anytime soon.

Of course, there are the naysayers.

Those would suggest this treatment is inhumane. They lament, “These criminals didn’t get a choice in their punishment.”

Really? And their victims got a choice?

In order to have sympathy for a victim, perhaps these thugs need to become victims. At least this way they have some frame of reference.

There is hardly a person among us who hasn’t wanted this type of justice for criminals. I’ve abdicated for far worse. For example, let the family of the victim get an hour with a perp who harmed a loved one. My family would just turn me loose in a room with the perp and enjoy the show.



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