Trey Gowdy PUMMELS Media: ‘Congress is Much Better Equipped to do Investigations than Journalists’

Trey Gowdy PUMMELS Media: ‘Congress is Much Better Equipped to do Investigations than Journalists’

A member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence deflates the media’s anti-Trump witch hunt.

What’s the difference between congressional committees and some reporters? Congress conducts investigations, while anti-Trump Leftist media barter in Washington gossip.

Called on the Carpet

When journalists act like criminal investigators, the American public loses. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) recently criticized journalists regarding Trump’s wiretap scandal. During a Monday interview with Fox News, the congressman educated the media as to their role.

He commented that they’re not crime-fighters; so, they should stop pretending their job is anything other than to report the news.

Gowdy pummels mediaGowdy condemned stories that relied on anonymous sources about allegations of Trump Tower wire-taps by Obama. Impugning the accuracy of such stories, Gowdy reminded the press that leaking classified information to the press is a crime.

“I think Congress is much better equipped to do investigations than journalists are,” the congressman told Bill Hemmer. “We can’t rely on anonymous sources. We can’t rely on leaked information, classified information which in and of itself is a crime.”

Not only does the liberal media pretend to possess accurate information, it uses criminals breaching national security to do so.

Dressed Up Gossip Rags

The South Carolina representative sits on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Judiciary committee, the Oversight and Government Reform committee, and the Ethics committee. He knows the difference between investigations and Washington gossip.

Gowdy next admonished the media for thinking too highly of themselves. He cautioned them to leave supposition and innuendo aside in favor of truthful reporting. Getting at the truth is a process that often involves far more than one off-the-record interview.

“So with all due respect to the reporters, I can’t cross-examine anonymous sources. You [the media] can’t even directly examine them. It’s a lot easier to write a news piece than it is to conduct an investigation. What Congress needs is access to the witnesses, access to the documents, and to understand that we don’t run parallel, criminal investigations. We have a job to do, but it is not to investigate crime.”

The bottom line: Any media outlet that relies on anonymous sources is actually a gossip magazine, not a credible news source.

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