Trump to the Rescue: Saves Obama’s Boney Butt Again

Trump to the Rescue: Saves Obama’s Boney Butt Again

In April 2014 the government makes Flint River the primary water source for Flint, Michigan. A crisis begins.

Obama checked the Leftists Playbook and did nothing. Yet, he got an Affirmative Action pass. Fast forward almost 3 years, the year America got a real president. Flint now has hope.

President Trump granted $100 Million to actually fix the problems of Flint, MI, and not just kick the can down the road.

Ironically, Leftists paint Trump as environmentally unfriendly, as Obama allowed thousands of citizens to be poisoned by lead. Meanwhile, Trump acts on behalf of American citizens in danger. However, his actions prove otherwise. The crisis in Michigan started under Obama’s watch. Yet the town never received any help. Obama’s EPA was lazy and inefficient.

Obama gave the EPA a massive budget. But instead of doing its primary role as exemplified by the problems in Flint, Obama’s EPA targeted corporations.

Like Obama, his EPA was equally lazy and inefficient. Further, the organization was highly political.

According to Chris White:

Various reports conducted in the past two years indicate the EPA has been slow to respond to the growing scandal.

One report published in March, 2016, claimed the EPA only acts to enforce clean drinking water regulations when public outrage reaches a fever pitch, implying negligence on the part of agency officials.

Another report conducted in February, 2016, by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), details how the EPA fails to force state regulators to comply with federal drinking water laws.

Nearly 2,000 citizens became fed up with the dawdling, so they sued the federal agency for failing to address the long-running water crisis.

Then there was the Fake News

CNN reported the grant actually stemmed from efforts begun in 2016 by former President Barack Obama and the prior Congress.

Although CNN insinuates Trump did nothing to put this grant into action, they can’t explain why Obama didn’t consider infrastructure a priority. Meanwhile, Trump promised to address the crumbling infrastructure immediately and is clearly doing so.

Obama could have sent emergency aid at any time. Instead, he twiddled his thumbs (in the golf cart). Obama exposed families with children to toxic lead levels, as he spied on a presidential candidate.

CNN further dwelt on the proposed budget cuts of 31 percent to the EPA under Trump’s administration. However, the fake new outlet declined to mention that programs dealing with water system infrastructure would remain intact and fully funded.

The new EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, issued a news release.

“The people of Flint and all Americans deserve a more responsive federal government,” he said. “The EPA will especially focus on helping Michigan improve Flint’s water infrastructure as part of our larger goal of improving America’s water infrastructure.”

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver responded:

“We are excited and very grateful to receive these much-needed funds…The City of Flint being awarded a grant of this magnitude in such a critical time of need will be a huge benefit.”

“As we prepare to start the next phase of the FAST Start pipe replacement program, these funds will give us what we need to reach our goal of replacing 6,000 pipes this year and make other needed infrastructure improvements…”

“We look forward to the continued support of the EPA and federal government.”

In case Obama didn’t realize it, stopping lead poisoning of American citizens is a shovel-ready job.

Oh, black people. Don’t worry. President Trump will do for blacks what he’s doing for Flint. Solving problems.

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