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RUSSIA: Trump Snags Clinton and Obama in their Own Trap

Podesta was required to disclose the financial benefits he received from the company. Ron Hosko, a former FBI assistant director said this was necessary due to Kremlin backing:

“I think in this case where you’re talking about foreign interests and foreign involvement, the collateral interest with these disclosure forms is put in the forefront of full disclosure of any foreign interest that you may have,” he told TheDCNF in an interview.

He added that Russian money was a continuing concern because it could “become a counterintelligence concern for America.”

“It’s a troubled question if you deliberately omit this information on the form,” Hosko, a 30-year veteran of the FBI told TheDCNF. “Were you completely truthful on this form that you filled out, yes or no?”

Some people thought Donald Trump should drop the Russian story once it left the news cycle.

However, In what I’m now seeing as Trump’s modus operandi, Trump did the right thing by not abandoning the story.

Further, he gave the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves, and they obliged.

The media witch hunt has again backfired. President Trump finds himself vindicated yet again, as have the 63 million who voted him into office.



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