UNBELIEVABLE – DNC Staffer Investigated for Terrorism Ties Stays on the Payroll

UNBELIEVABLE – DNC Staffer Investigated for Terrorism Ties, Stays on the Payroll

Remember that Muslim Spy Ring that Trump broke up? One of the spies still works at the DNC.

As our team reported, three Muslim brothers working for House Democrats accessed congressional computer networks without permission. When their crimes became known, most congressional Democrats fired them.

But a few Democrat holdouts, in the name of political correctness, refused to fire these terror-connected Pakistani brothers.

There is a criminal probe into breaches of congressional security that is exploring the activities of these men. Investigators say Imran Awan, an employee at the Democratic National Committee is their lead suspect.

Over the past six years, these brothers worked for 80 Democrat congress-people, including members of the homeland security, foreign affairs, and intelligence committees.

Imran began work at the DNC in 2005. The Blaze reports he possessed the password to an iPad used by Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the same time WikiLeaks got ahold of the DNC’s emails. The WikiLeaks disclosure of damaging internal emails forced Wasserman-Schultz’ resignation. She then blamed the scandal on hacking by Russians.

Further insult to the Democrats giving a poorly vetted Muslim access to top secret congressional records wasn’t treason enough, we learn that the DNC also paid Imran more than five times his salary through ghost employees.

Need more, my infidel friends?

Shortly after the DNC hired Imran, four family members were also put on the DNC payroll, as well as one other friend. The family collected a combined $5 million.

“Those were most likely ghost employees,” Rosiak told Dana Loesch. “Basically, the money was going to him and he was doing the work, but they were all making the maximum allowable salary. … So that adds up to $5 million right there.”

When House authorities investigated a secret computer server that sent congressional data off-site, the Awan family came under suspicion. Investigators now suspect Imran of stealing money and equipment in addition to top secret intelligence data.

Once investigators discovered the Muslim brothers’ crimes, capitol police banned Imran from House servers until they completed their investigation.

To circumvent the ban, Wasserman-Schultz keeps Imran on staff in an “advisory position.”

“She’s circumventing the Capitol Police’s direct orders that he’s not supposed to touch House computer systems because he is the suspect in a major criminal investigation. So she’s having him advise remotely so he could be telling other people what to do in a way that he potentially still has access to this stuff.”

wasserman schultz employs Muslim spyDespite Democrats like Meeks and Fudge claiming the brothers are victims of religious profiling, the Daily Caller explains,

“[W]e have a police report showing that their own step-mother called the police on them, and she’s of course Muslim.”

Earlier this year, a relative accused the brothers of using high-tech listening devices against their own stepmom. They threatened to have her family kidnapped if she didn’t give them power of attorney to access assets stored in their dying father’s name. Their stepmother called Fairfax County, Virginia police shortly before the Capitol Police disclosed the brothers were targets of their investigation.

As the IT employees who set up user accounts, the brothers had super-user privileges. They could read any emails or files saved on House members’ office computers.

These brothers also racked up massive debts.

“The brothers, beginning in 2009, operated a Northern Virginia car dealership. The business received a $100,000 loan from Dr. Ali Al-Attar that was never repaid. Al-Attar, who has links to the terror group Hezbollah, was an Iraqi politician who fled the U.S. on tax charges.”

As a rule, most employers don’t allow people with money problems to access sensitive information. However, Leftists don’t follow rules. They prefer to let the results speak for themselves.liberals don’t think about national security like the rest of us. Political correctness matters more to them.


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