VIDEO: Cruz OBLITERATES Democrats at Gorsuch Hearing

VIDEO: Cruz OBLITERATES Democrats at Gorsuch Hearing

Senator Ted Cruz is known for his intellect. The man Alan Dershowitz essentially described as his “best student ever” proved he eats nails and spits bullets.


Day 1 of the confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch proved to be quite interesting. While the Circuit Court Judge listened intently, he learned he has a truly ally in Senator Ted Cruz. Of course when you’re from Texas, you go big in everything you do.

Cruz is definitely big in his support of Judge Gorsuch as the next member of the Supreme Court. Not only does Cruz support Gorsuch, but he also cut the Democrat strategy before they could even enact it.

Cruz pointed out that Trump issued a list of possible justices during his election. He called it the “most transparent” process in the nation’s history. He also said Gorush’s nomination has a “super-legitimacy” like no other. The voters were directly involved in this Supreme Court choice because of Trump’s list.

Cruz reminded Liberals that only a decade ago, Gorsuch was confirmed, “without a single Democrat speaking a word of opposition.”

Chuck Schumer, Harry Reed, Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden were among those who praised Gorsuch. In the decade since, his exemplary record should make him a shoe-in. He’s proven himself worthy of bi-partisan support.

Now, it seems that bi-partisan support is a dirty word, as Democrats feel the need to create opposition where none exists. Senators have asked Gorsuch to answer for Trump tweets. To ask this showcases the nonsensical nature of Democrats.

A judge should be confirmed based on his ability to judge, not his political affiliation. And certainly there is no precedent to respond to tweets.

Cruz used his time today to set the Leftists straight:

“In the past weeks as well, some of my Democratic colleagues have questioned Judge Gorsuch’s independence and suggested that he needs to answer questions about the actions and statements and even the tweets of the president who appointed him.  I would ask, was Justice Ginsburg or Justice Breyer asked about the sexual harassment suit that had been filed against President Clinton by Paula Jones? No. Neither was asked about that suit.”

Further, Cruz added, Judge Gorsuch is aware that “a judge who likes every decision they make is likely not a good judge.”

The Supreme Court isn’t a third political party. The Supreme Court upholds the constitution. The Supreme Court provides checks and balances. If Legislators don’t like it when the law is upheld, they should review the laws.

After the words Cruz spoke, it will be interesting to watch the Democrats scramble to create a negative bias against Judge Gorsuch. However, Obama’s little minions will surely try to demonize Gorsuch just because Trump picked him. In the end, Gorsuch’s record will speak for itself.

Until then, Cruz will do his best to keep the Democrat Circus where it belongs- shut down!

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