WATCH: Supposed New Michael Brown Video Footage Emerges

WATCH: Supposed New Michael Brown Footage Emerges

Introducing the next Michael Moore. If you’re producing a movie and you want a blockbuster, then support the Leftist narrative.

Supposedly there is new footage around Michael Brown, Jr, and his confrontation with the store owner he robbed.


The documentary is called “Stranger Fruit.”

The video supposedly shows Michael Brown hours before his death, and the filmmaker hopes this changes how people view Michael Brown, Jr.

Michael Brown store owner new Michael Brown videoAccording to the profiteer who calls himself a filmmaker, Brown didn’t rob the store. He claims that Brown had done a drug deal earlier for the cigarillos, and returned to pick them up.

There is certainly no way to confirm such a far-fetched story. Moreover, the new scenario implies that the clerk who confronted Brown was a drug dealer who in fact tried to rip off Michael Brown, Jr.

This fake news development doesn’t mitigate any of the other facts surrounding the story. Darren Wilson would have responded to same either way. Michael Brown Jr tried to kill a police officer doing his job.

The film has one goal: stir up controversy on an open and shut case.

Why not make money by reviving the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot,” and then giving more support of Black Lives Matter.

Let’s just be clear. The man who confronted Michael Brown, Jr was an old Pakistani-looking man who had not done a drug deal with Brown. It’s time the Left abandon the nonsense of Michael Brown Jr being a “gentle giant on his way to college.”

The death of this young man, though tragic, was preventable…by him. The people harmed are the people who lie in the wake of what is now known as The Ferguson Effect. No fake new movie will change that.

The Left won’t rest until they believe they have sold their lies.


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