WATCH: Woman Breaks Record For Longest Anti-Trump Shriek [VIDEO]

WATCH: Woman Breaks Record for Longest Anti-Trump Shriek [VIDEO]

Crybaby liberals still cannot process Hillary’s election loss. Instead of counseling, they disrupt pro-Trump rallies.

Therapy would be a good anecdote for leftist wackos who apparently never faced defeat in their lives.

Deep Cleansing Breath in, and …

In a disgusting display of “constitutional rights aren’t for conservatives,” yet another anti-Trump protester disrupted a pro-Trump rally recently. While people rallied to show support for President Donald Trump, a female anti-Trump protester stood in the middle of the crowd and screamed for almost three minutes.

She acted as though she were in extreme agony, and she was. Imagine realizing that you are trapped in the mind of a leftist?

That’s a perpetual agony machine!

Why would a virulent anti-Trump activist go to a pro-Trump rally? Because brain-dead zombies do what they are instructed.

She certainly wasn’t there to debate the issues. That would require two-way communication, and for both parties to have brains. She clearly had no desire to understand why people showed up to support our president. She asked no questions.

She was there to stop the exercising of free speech for those with whom she disagreed. This idiot screamed, cursed, fumed, and ranted. She basically acted like a fool.

The pro-Trump crowd responded by chanting, “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

These chants sent the loon to the moon. So she responded by flipping the bird to everyone. Fitting, given how leftists actually feel about the country.In response, her middle fingers went up, and the blue language flowed freely. The anti-Trump idiot threw the F-bomb around like candy on Halloween. Changing her scream to a chant, she yelled: “

Next came the f-bombs, which she dropped like Nazis pounding Britain.The anti-Trump idiot threw the F-bomb around like candy on Halloween. Changing her scream to a chant, she yelled: “

She then changed her scream to a chant. She yelled: “No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!”

The irony of a woman who showed up to shut down free speech, and who represents the party of the KKK yelling what she did is humorous. Fascists? KKK?

At these rallies, there were bikers and veterans, but no white-hooded clansmen or Hitlerites.

When that chant didn’t stop pro-Trump peeps from shouting: “U.S.A.,” the liberal crybaby changed her chant to: “CUBA! CUBA!” No one knows why.

At least she didn’t do what most leftist terrorists do and try to beat down people celebrating America’s new president. You can bet that if she had more people with her, she would have turned her verbal vitriol to physical attacks.

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