White House Correspondent DECLARES Trump Can’t Be a Billionaire

White House Correspondent DECLARES Trump Can’t Be a Billionaire

How Leftists believe they possess intelligence is beyond me. The more Leftists open their mouths, the more you witness abject ignorance.

Most possess the intellect of a baboon, yet they tout their Ivy League degrees as if that guarantees their intelligence.

That ignorance was on full display, with WH correspondent April Ryan.

April Ryan is a White House correspondent who hasn’t a clue about economics. Though Donald Trump is worth billions, makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year, the Left see him as a failure.

Keep in mind that Leftist leaders have given us quips like, that of then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who informed Americans that “Welfare is stimulus.” Her comments were only exceeded by America’s first black president who declared that America could “spend your way out of debt.”

Back to April Ryan…No She Was Never a Stripper

April Ryan believes that to be a billionaire, you must earn a billion dollars every year. thinks you can’t be a billionaire if you don’t earn a billion dollars a year. She should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Ryan tweeted:

 So in 2005 @POTUS was not a Billionaire. He made in 2005 over 100 million dollars.


Despite Donald Trump earned $150 million over a decade ago {hint: multiply by 10), April can’t do the math. Moreover, mogul Trump has had much better years, as his financial disclosure during the campaign showed Trump earning over $500 million in a single year.

So who is April Ryan?

According to her bio on HuffPo,

April Ryan, a 24-year journalism veteran, has been the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) since January of 1997, covering three Presidents. Along with daily responsibilities at the White House, Ryan hosts the daily feature, The White House Report, which is broadcast to AURN’s nearly 475 affiliated stations nationwide. Ryan also hosts a new Digital television program for Colours TV called the White House Report with April Ryan where minority America is given the White House perspective on matters specific to their community. Ryan is also a regular panelist on Washington Watch with Roland Martin for TV ONE.

24 years is journalism apparently taught her nothing about economics. Moreover, the idea that a man earning $150 million is something to be scoffed at?! “He ain’t no billionaire!”

“He ain’t no billionaire!”

There were so many other things to be gleaned from Trump’s taxes, and she disputes the indisputable fact that Donald Trump is a billionaire. We might question how many billions, but we know he has at least ONE.

And what about that philanthropy.

Giving away $38 million in taxes when he could have written it off? Trump paid more taxes in one year than the Congressional Black Caucus members will pay in their lifetimes.





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