Widow of Navy SEAL Taya Kyle SLAMS Michael Moore [VIDEO]

Widow of Navy SEAL Taya Kyle SLAMS Michael Moore [VIDEO]

Thanking military families for their sacrifice will never be about politics to them.

But military widows will never let them forget that military families are not pawns, they are American heroes too.

Carryn Owens’ Courage and Sacrifice

When President Trump thanked Carryn Owens for her Navy SEAL husband’s sacrifice, most of America was on their feet, crying and applauding with her. The moment was about thanking not just Ryan Owens, but his family as well for their courage and sacrifice.

YetMichael Moore, military widow, liberal extremists, hell bent on opposing President Trump for everything, used the occasion to criticize the president for playing politics with a dead soldier’s memory. One of the worst offenders was Michael Moore, who called the president’s tribute:

“…sort of a F-U to the people who are criticizing [Trump]…. And this poor woman, this widow, … To use that and put another notch on his belt.”

Many across the political spectrum say Moore’s comments make them sick. Nevertheless, Moore’s comments showcases how Leftists think. Critics of the president fail to recognize is that this moment was not about President Trump; it was about Ryan Owens and his family. It was about their sacrifice.

Taya Kyle defends a fellow Widow

In a flagrant slap down of this liberal fat a$$, Taya Kyle, widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, praised the moment as apolitical:

I can tell you that when I hear the applause and when I hear the words being spoken about Ryan [Owens], I’m not thinking about politics in the slightest. What I’m thinking is my heart is pounding and I have chills because it’s truth.”

Kyle then shut down Moore’s reprehensible comments, but explaining what he really meant:Michael Moore, military widow

Y’know you ask me my feelings about what Michael Moore said,” she continued, “it makes me sick to my stomach, it makes me angry, because he’s saying two things when he says that to me. He’s saying, A, she’s a fool, and doesn’t know she’s being used, and that’s ridiculous it couldn’t be farther from the truth. And it’s also saying that this wasn’t warranted, and that in some way this always has to be political.

Because liberals seek to make everything about politics, they cannot stand when conservatives don’t follow suit. This moment had nothing to do with politics, as Taya explained:

“This is a silent professional and his intensely private family who gave everything. They never wanted recognition. And if somebody now that he’s gone wants to get up and thank him for his sacrifice, for his service, to tell the world his name, to tell the world he’s out there serving, then God bless them. Some valiant people are out there fighting not for Republicans, not for Democrats. They’re fighting for this country and God bless them for doing it.”

Contradicting Moore as completely off base and out of line, Taya continued:

“She’s saying, “This is not about me, babe, this is about you. And I am proud of you. And you deserve recognition even though you never wanted it. That he’s a hero and she is strong,” she concluded. “She is anything but a ‘poor woman’ or a ‘poor widow’ she has more strength in her little finger than most people would have in their lifetime. She’s lived a life where she’s had to be strong, and this is another step in her journey of being stronger than she wants to be.”

God bless their sacrifice.

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