WIKILEAKS: Obama Interfered in Elections and Other Times He Just Killed Leaders

WIKILEAKS: Obama Interfered in Elections and Other Times He Just Killed Leaders

With no actual proof, Leftists declare that Russian interference ruined the 2016 election. You can bet the farm that had Clinton won, there would be NO discussion about Russians.

And you bet Leftists won’t discuss these facts.

The U.S. has interfered in at least 81 foreign elections that we already know of. That interference in elections has been going on since the 1940’s. Never once have liberals jumped up and declared that we had no business in a foreign election. In fact, we’ve done far worse.

Anybody remember Quaddafi being dragged through the streets in his home country.

The United States skipped the election and went straight to regime change.

The team of Clinton-Obama got an African leader dragged to his death in the streets, yet not a word of criticism from the Left. If Quaddafi’s treatment was payback for Benghazi, kudos to Obama. Else, it was just mean-spirited.

And what of Mubarak? Ousted by Hillary Clinton’s State Department during the Era of Obama.

Clinton’s State Department slogan for African nations could easily have been:

“To hell with your elections, we will just oust your black asses!”

It’s impossible to know exactly how many elections in which the US interfered, that’s classified.

However, we do know a recent one.

Barack Obama spent $350,000 to influence the Israeli election. Don’t worry…he lost that one too.

Nevertheless, the abject disregard for the truth by the Left is unbelievable. Whether affecting regime change or influencing elections, Obama erred not in the eyes of the infatuated Left.

According to Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University:

“For my dataset, the United States is the most common user of this technique (alerting the outcome of an election). Russia or the Soviet Union since 1945 has used it half as much. My estimate has been 36 cases between 1946 to 2000. We know also that the Chinese have used this technique and the Venezuelans when the late Hugo Chavez was still in power in Venezuela and other countries.”

In short, influencing elections is what almost all countries do.

They attempt to influence countries to their benefit.

The only country proven impervious to such intrusions had been the United States. Sure, the Russians and Chinese (and others) have turned Leftist citizens into traitors. However, even in the biggest scandals, the United States withstood the violations.

Socialist and communist countries infiltrated America decades ago, commandeering academia, and various special interest groups. Until recently, they hadn’t gained much of a foothold.

Muslim BrotherhoodUnder Obama however, these subversive groups flourished.

Muslims have infiltrated the military and high levels of government. They demand special treatment in the name of their “religion.” And we have begun to capitulate.

Illegals marched openly in the streets. In the case of Mexicans, they wave the Mexican flag, daring taxpaying Americans to do something.

As for the United States, most of our intrusions have been to stop the radicals who wish to harm our way of life. Certainly, we have been guilty of nation-building, attempting to create democracies around the world. We’ve learned that Democracies don’t work. Republics do.

President Trump understands this, which is why he wants out. America can entice people to be like us, by being dominant. America First. You want access to us, do it legally and ethically.

And Leftist wonder why Hillary Clinton lost?



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