ISIS TAKES CREDIT: Another Muslim Terror Attack in Paris

ISIS TAKES CREDIT: Another Muslim Terror Attack in Paris

Another Muslim attack occurred in Paris. This attack was by a famous tourist area in the city and put many people at risk.

In fact, a tourist was shot. The French were quick to point to terror in this attack, though nobody has used the term “Muslim terrorist.”

The French were quick to point to terror in this attack, though nobody has used the term “Muslim terrorist.”

Local France reported the incident as such:

Muslim terror attack in ParisThursday evening’s terrorist attack on the famous Champs Elysées took place at time when the famous boulevard and surrounding streets were packed with shoppers, diners and tourists.

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A gunman opened fire on police on the Champs Elysées on Thursday night leaving one officer dead and two others seriously injured.

Hundreds of shoppers, diners and tourists enjoying the attractions and restaurants in the area around the world’s most famous shopping boulevard were caught up in the incident.

Tomas, a 34-year-old office worker told The Local: “I was in an office in front of where it happened and I heard an automatic weapon, at least that’s what I figured.

“The sound was very quick and very loud. I figured it was an auto or a semi-automatic weapon – maybe a Kalashnikov.

“I thought immediately that it was an attack. We were locked in the office and we learned it was indeed a policeman that was targeted. I saw another policeman through the window who was shooting a weapon with a laser on top.

“We were on the fifth floor so we were not scared because we have a code at the entrance. But we had to wait a long time – and some people were a bit scared because it was so close. My colleagues were not so much afraid in general, there was more of a feeling of “oh no, not again.”

Interestingly, French authorities had this radical Muslim on a watch list.

A lot of good it did the people he killed.

ISIS has taken credit, as they wanted to disrupt the French elections. They certainly accomplished that, though not necessarily in their favor.

Marine Le Pen has taken a hard line against terrorists. This latest terror attack will certainly help her election chances in only a few days.

Further, this attack bolsters President Trump’s position on radical Islam.

At 10 o’clock in France, a man exited a car with a rifle, and began shooting at a police van. This type of attack could easily happen in the United States. These terrorists lie in wait, as remnants of the Obama administration.

Let’s hope that America wakes up long before the French.

In the final update for now, police in Paris have already raided a house they believe is associated with the attacker.





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