Ashley Judd Claims Muslim Women Have More Rights

Ashley Judd Claims Muslim Women Have More Rights Than Christian Women

It’s clear the youngest of the Judd clan was dropped on her head while her brain was still developing.

Ashley Judd is that chick men are warned about. She’s hot! Wait for it…AND she’s bat-crap-crazy!

Muslim Women's Rights, #KevinJacksonAshley Judd attended the Women’s March and made a fool of herself. Since then she’s been ranting about Trump and tweeting about Women’s rights. Clearly, she’d like to lead the loving and tolerant Left, and perhaps give up her career as an actress. For the Left, those careers are one and the same.

And, her latest tweet proves that Judd needs to re-read the script.

Judd claimed Muslim women have more rights than American women.

She contended countries like Serbia and Iraq cultivate more rights for their female citizens.


So what if Muslim women can’t vote or drive cars.

Nor can they show anything but their eyes in public.

But for Judd, these women represent freedom from oppressive men.

And on what does Judd base her newfound appreciation of Islam? I wish I knew!

Twitter was not kind to Judd:

An Arab woman chimed in to set Judd straight:

A bit more irony?

Judd graduated from college, where her concentration was in “women’s studies”. 

Leftists deal in the theoretical, the undiscovered, the unlived. I suggest Judd actually live in a Muslim country for a decade, then come back and advise women on such issues.

Anybody think Judd has truly researched life in Arab countries for women? Has she seen a stoning? Or perhaps a woman executed with no trial or jury?

Judd, like the typical Leftist, speaks on raw emotion. She doesn’t need to live her “truth,” as long as she believes it. Who cares that her data is flawed, if not completely bogus. All she needs is for her data to fit her truth, and she’s off to the races.


Wynonna Judd is a different person altogether:


Big Sis went a step further in commenting to Fox News, about the Women’s March:

“The whole thing is toxic. I’m not giving her all the credit. She doesn’t have that kind of power.”




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