Alabama Police have a new mantra. “This ain’t Obama-Land anymore!”

Richard Spencer was set to speak at Auburn University. It wasn’t long before the Antifa showed up looking for a showdown.

Like most leftists, these thugs cower behind their large groups and anonymity. Without either, they melt faster than snowflakes in the summer.

Alabama cops know this about leftists so they demanded to see the faces of the protestors. Thus, cops demanded protesters remove hoodies and masks before entering the event.

This caught protesters completely by surprise.
Cops stopped demonstrators one by one and confiscated masks, hoodies and other attire that allowed Antifa protesters to maintain anonymity.

Now if you don’t remember who Richard Spencer is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. He lives in the far right abyss and goes around making a few speeches. His real claim to fame is taking a punch to the face during Trump’s inauguration.

Richard Spencer got punched in the face during the protests at Trump’s #inauguration

Then there is that violent Tea Party

Leftists have marches more than Madonna has sex. And with all those protests, have you ever seen Tea Party Community members crashing them?

At worst, you will see Tea Party members in their designated areas holding signs. We never menace other protests, but merely showcase our side of the discussion.

I’ve never seen a Tea Party Community member wearing Fawkes masks or other masks. We are proud of our identities, as we have nothing to hide.

Yet, time after time, leftists do all they can to stir up trouble among the peace-loving supporters of the real America.

Recall what the Left did in Chicago at the Trump speech.

Kevin Jackson appeared on FOX News to discuss the event. His key points were as follows:

  • Leftists are hooligans.
  • Free speech is not tolerated by the Left. They only want THEIR speech free; conservatives will pay for theirs with their lives.
  • The Tea Party Community would never do something like this, only leftist-funding hate groups like and #BLM would.
  • The REAL racists are people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama…ok, ALL leftists.

Occupy Wall Street had multiple reports of rape and theft. Further, we all know the criminality of the terrorists of Black Lives Matters.

Thankfully, America will now crack down on these terrorists.

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