Auntie Maxine Waters: Modern-Day Aunt Jemina Racist

Auntie Maxine Waters: Modern Day Aunt Jemina Racist

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has a new moniker: Auntie Maxine.

If a Republican called her that, she would scream racism. Waters would claim the name denotes the antebellum attitudes towards black women, and invoke the race card.

However, when Leftists give her a throw-back circa 1860s name, Waters relishes in it.

She’s happy to give up the James Brown coif and don the beehive hair-wrap worn by her shuck-n-jive ancestor.

Truth be told, Waters is an antiquated as Aunt Jemina. And after 40 years in public office, it’s well past time for the professional race-pimp to retire.

But the Left won’t hear of it.

She’s a hero with a capital ‘M’. Thus, Leftist Millennials dedicated the latest meme to Waters in tribute to her disrespect for political opposition.

Maxine Waters, Auntie MaxineSome on the alt-left now tout the 78-year-old as the “new” face of the Democratic Party because of her “resistance” to President Donald Trump.

This brazen liberal, who openly disrespects our president on the House floor, was dubbed “Auntie Maxine” recently on social media. Leftists say Waters represents:

“[A] figure in black familial culture whose strength isn’t compromised in the face of opposition and who has built up enough gumption to tell you what your parents won’t tell you — regardless of how it makes you feel.”

That makes sense, given that liberals want the government to be their Mammy, er … Nanny.

And they got mad that Waters was recently likened to James Brown? She is an entertainer!

Replace Waters’ James Brown hot-comb-processed coif with the beehive wrap, and one certainly understands the Aunt Jemima reference.

Just as BLM tried to turn criminal thug Michael Brown into a Civil Rights movement figurehead for Millennials, so too has Auntie Maxine become an image of the New Old South – where racism never dies. Yet again, Democrats impress us with their ingenuity.

Political dissent is one-sided and racistly noble.

Waters’ claim to fame is to insult rather than debate political opposition. She does not care about civility.

So she’s a perfect fit with the upcoming generation of liberals, many of whom don’t treat political opponents with respect either. Why would they, when violence and the blue language common to Democrats is more expedient.

A 1989 Waters’ quote still holds true today:

“I have a right to my anger.”

We all have a right to our anger. But no one has a right to use that anger to justify criminal behavior or stifle the constitutional rights of others.

Ranked among the “most corrupt” members of Congress by both the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the conservative Judicial Watch, Waters can’t be bothered with the truth.

Waters encouraged investigations into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, even though multiple intelligence agency heavyweights confirm there is no evidence of collusion.

She also speaks of the impeachment of President Trump as a foregone conclusion. Who cares if voters elected our president democratically? Waters and other Leftists don’t like him, so they don’t want him in office. So they’re going to throw a continual race-baiting temper tantrum until … well, until the end of his second term in office.

Waters’ recently commented on her millennial fans:

“I’m so proud of this connection that I’ve made with these young people. They do call me Auntie Maxine. I embrace that. I love that. And I’m going to be their auntie.”

Auntie Dearest.

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