Baltimore Police LEGALLY BRUTALIZE Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore Police LEGALLY BRUTALIZE Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

The Baltimore Six exonerated. However, things didn’t go so well for Marilyn Mosby. For her, the public humiliation continues in the courts.

The race-baiting attorney general became famous for prosecuting six police officers for the alleged manslaughter of drug-dealer Freddie Gray. She received a metaphorical beatdown of Rodney King proportions.

When Freddie Gray died in Baltimore two years ago, the city’s chief prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby went on an anti-cop rampage. Within two weeks of the purported crime and without grand jury indictments, Mosby charged the six officers involved in Gray’s arrest. In her stunning over-reach, she charged some of the officers with murder.

After the arrests, Mosby publically justified her fame-seeking move:

“To those that are angry, hurt, or have their own experiences of injustice at the hands of police officers, I urge you to channel that energy peacefully as we prosecute this case. I have heard your calls for ‘No justice, no peace.’ However, your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of Freddie Gray.”

Mosby’s announcement ended three days of property destroying riots that put Baltimore in a state of emergency and sent 130 police officers to the hospital.

The press conference also kicked off The Marilyn Mosby Publicity Tour.

She literally had her 15 minutes of fame, and then the hammer fell.

Trials for the six officers began within six months. One by one, the innocent officers shut Mosby down hard.

Juries acquitted three of them, forcing Mosby to drop charges against the other three.

Next, the officers clobbered Mosby with lawsuits for malicious prosecution (a.k.a. prosecutorial targeting of defendants for something other than justice and without probable cause).

As we reported previously,

“The officers claim that Mosby and Baltimore Sheriff Sam Cogen knew the statement of charges filed against the officers and other statements made by Mosby at a May 1, 2015 news conference “were false” and made “for purposes of quelling the riots in Baltimore,” the suit alleges.”

U.S. District Court Judge Marvin J. Garbis continues to reject Mosby’s arguments, allowing the case to proceed to trial. Further, in JanuaryJudge Garbis quashed her request for dismissal.

And in a move that certainly signals that Mosby is in deep kimchi, this week the pro-cop judge slapped Mosby with an order to turn over her emails and be deposed under oath.

Prosecutors usually avoid these lawsuits.

Generally, attorneys in these positions receive almost “absolute” immunity lawsuits, so they can perform their jobs effectively and impartially. Nevertheless, the racially-charged prosecution of the Baltimore Six elicited a different outcome.

“I’m not aware of any lawsuits like this — against a prosecutor — that have been successful, whether it’s police officers bringing it or people who have been wrongfully convicted or anyone else,” said Larry H. James, general counsel for the National Fraternal Order of Police and an expert on litigation involving law enforcement.

“We felt ours was the one-in-a-thousand case,” said Michael E. Glass, attorney for William Porter and Sgt. Alicia White, two of the officers suing Mosby.

Garbis gut-punched Mosby’s approach to the Gray case as needing review by the court. The racially-motivated prosecutor jettisoned her objectivity in order to make herself look good to the lynch mob in Baltimore.

Mosby allowed for vigilante-style social justice. Mosby resented the grand juries who declined to prosecute police in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Thus, she chose a radical course of action.

Garbis’ ruling clears the way for these falsely accused public servants to claim malicious prosecution, for starters. Then add defamation, invasion of privacy, and violations of their civil rights.

How refreshing it will be when these officers see true justice against the leader of a lynch mob.

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