Could a Barbecue Really End the Terrorist Threat?

Could a Barbecue Really End the Terrorist Threat?

Palestinian hunger strikers met their match in a unique way last week when Israeli activists hosted a barbecue just outside the prison.

barbecue really end the terrorist threatIsrael is no stranger to violence. Terrorism against the world’s only Jewish state is a way of life for those who want Jews dead or, at the very least, removed from the Land of Israel.

Terror mastermind Marwan Barghouti led an estimated 1,200 Palestinian terrorists on a mass hunger strike that started last Wednesday. These murderers seek to protest their prison conditions, because they think murdering people entitles them to luxury accommodations.

The next day, Israeli activists hosted a community barbecue outside the prison. Using large grills and even larger fans to make sure the smell reached hunger striking inmates.

And it worked! One day after that, 100 Palestinian terrorists ended their hunger strike. By Saturday 86 others began chowing down again, too.

More are said to have ended their strike, and we will update.

Nevertheless, this concept could do well elsewhere. Like in the battleground of “black” Chicago.

Spike Lee didn’t call the city Chiraq for ‘shiggles.’ Chicago has been plagued by gun violence for so long, it now goes by the nickname Chiraq because it resembles the war raging in Iraq.

So, if there ever was a city in need of a  big community barbecue, Chicago gets my vote.

And throw in a little music to boot. After all, music calms the savage beast.

Last weekend in Chicago, CBS local reports:

Seven people were killed and at least 31 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday evening and Monday morning.

The violence brought the city’s toll to at least 980 people shot, 170 fatally, since the start of the year, according to Chicago Sun-Times data.

barbecue really end the terrorist threatNotice how they report the number of people shot as “at least 31 others wounded”. How sick is that when you’re not really sure how many were wounded? We believe the number is 31, but we need to wait on the final tally.

And if last weekend wasn’t bad enough, check out what happened Easter Weekend, where 2 people were killed and 43 others wounded.

I suggest Mayor Emanuel sponsor a few flash barbecues all over the black parts of the city. Black people love barbecue, and the majority of the crime in that city (and all over cities across America) is black on black crime. So spontaneous barbecues could be the answer.

Let’s help the black youth in the gangs of Chicago put down their guns and pick up a rib!

Could this be the answer to world peace? What’s the worst that could happen? A food fight, perhaps.

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