Berkeley Terrorists: Students Call for Beheadings of Berkeley College Republicans

Berkeley Terrorists: Students Call for Beheadings of Berkeley College Republicans

Taking a page from the ISIS playbook, peace-loving, tolerant liberals threaten to KILL College Republicans.

Leftists spew hate every day of the week and twice on school days, especially when anyone disagrees with them.

Berkeley college liberals stepped up their outrage over political opposition this week. Channeling ISIS, the liberal snowflakes now call for the death of their conservative counterparts.

Berkeley JihadThe death threats showed up in multiple places around campus. Here’s the list of ongoing threats, endured by the campus student group, Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) to date:

  1. A Unit 1 Housing sign was vandalized, along with a pole by Crossroads.
  2. Graffiti messages include “Kill BCR,” “BEHEAD the BCRs,” and “LYNCH the BCRs.”
  3. Someone recently stole the BCRs’ contact list and is systematically emailing its members to anonymously threaten and harass them, one by one.
  4. BCR signs around campus have also been destroyed.

The reason for the death threats?

Love Trumps Hate, of course. Ironically, Leftists across the nation put that slogan on their signs in protest of Trump’s policies, while simultaneously threatening Trump supporters.

Is terrorism the new normal on college campuses?

Of course, the college administration denounced the behavior.

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof condemned “all acts of vandalism and threats no matter the perpetrator or the target.”

Perhaps a stronger statement about the free speech and safe space rights of conservatives would be more on point? After all, the death of students seems to contradict the “safe space” narrative.

Mogulof also claimed the graffiti was removed as soon as it was reported. Next, the incident remains under investigation by the UCPD. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the university to find the culprits.

The truth is the Left love those who denounce conservative principles. The Left condones thuggery, and they like to strike in the dark. Like all good executioners, Berkeley leftists protest political opposition with faces covered.

BCR spokesperson Naweed Tahmas (yes a black man) said that the organization faces constant threats. He commented that some leftist snowflakes “projected their worst ideological fears onto BCR.”

He added that perhaps leftists take out their frustrations on them as a scapegoat for Trump.

Anti-Islamic Jihad Activist, Pam Gellar opined:

“It was clear from the outset that the “student revolution” violently ushered in at Berkeley in the mid-sixties would come to this. The left is evil, and they mean to destroy our way of life, our freedom and us.”

Leftist lunacy is not new. But these threats decidedly reach a new low, even for Berkeley. Until the Left learns to use their words instead of violence, conservatives everywhere need to be vigilant and vocal.

Long live the First Amendment for every American.

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