BIAS ALERT! Stephanopoulos says ‘Media has No Obligation to be Neutral’

BIAS ALERT! Stephanopoulos says ‘Media has No Obligation to be Neutral’

The Hollywood Reporter asked major network news anchors about the current role of journalists.

Exposing his leftist agenda, the former Clinton aide claims the media is credible and honest.

BIAS ALERT! StephanopoulosABC’s George Stephanopoulos revealed his leftist bias as he argued the media doesn’t have to share all sides of a story, only “the truth.” He also claimed that reporters are supposed to silence viewpoints that don’t “accept reality.”

The (rhetorical) question is, “Whose reality?”

As we’ve learned from these so-called journalists, they distort reality for a living.

They explain how people who illegally cross our borders with nothing but the shirts on their backs actually contribute to the economy. 

Next, these journalists say that Muslims are not trying to kill us over their sick ideology. In fact, journalists go on to explain that jihad is America’s fault.

Because of journalists’ “truth,” we’ve learned that it’s nobody’s fault that 4 people died in Benghazi. And if you set up a secret server in a bathroom closet to avoid the scrutiny of your boss–the American people–there’s nothing shady about that; even if your crooked family foundation profited from hundreds of millions of dollars.

These purveyors of reality explain that unemployment drops when people quit looking for jobs. Then, we’ve all learned the “truth” that Barack Obama is the best president ever, not because of his accomplishments which were all bad. But because Obama is half-black.

The truth-tellers explained that Donald Trump didn’t actually win the election, but was gifted the office due to “Russian hacking.” Further, no connection exists between Hillary Clinton or her surrogates with Russians. Thus, Podesta taking millions from the Russians was “all Trump’s fault.”

Thus, despite all evidence to the contrary, Hillary Clinton is the President of the United States.

Stephanopoulos continues, 

I’m not sure there always are two sides to every story. How do you contend with a situation where we know there’s a truth and we know there’s a false, and one side is trying to say, “No, there’s actually two sides to this.” That’s become much more difficult and much more of a challenge, and that means we can’t do things necessarily the way we would have five, ten, fifteen years ago.”

This from the journalist who failed to disclose his $75,000 donation to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. Corrupt much?

MSNBC Host Agrees with Stephanopoulos

As we previously reported, MSNBC reporter Mika Brzezinski believes it’s the media’s job to “control exactly what people think.”

So again I ask: Whose reality? Stephanopoulos opines that media does viewers a disservice by being neutral. Thus, all sides need not be heard.

“At what point does a White House, a member of Congress, or a Senator who refuses to accept a reality, at what point do you say, “You’re not allowed to come on anymore and broadcast that reality?” There’s not another side to certain questions. And it’s not serving our viewers, to allow people to come on and say things, at some point, that are not true.”

Interesting viewpoint, when it comes from people who lie for a living.

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