Black Muslim Woman’s IDIOTIC EXAMPLE of White Privilege

Black Muslim Woman’s IDIOTIC EXAMPLE of White Privilege

Leftists have strange ideas. And black leftists may be the strangest.

In the latest “white hate,” we learn that hunting, fishing, and hiking demonstrate “white privilege.”

Why don’t we make it easy for these racists and just say that white people who dare breathe are racists?

If you go to the park to throw a Frisbee, then you are a privileged white person. And for black people who have thrown Frisbees or footballs or baseballs OUTDOORS, then hello “Uncle Tom!”

The latest stab at white privilege comes from Emily Zak.

The self-proclaimed feminist makes a number of ridiculous claims in Everyday Feminism. Her article “Outdoor Recreation Isn’t Free – Why We Need to Stop Pretending It Is” takes the cake.

According to Zak:

outdoor recreation white privilege #KevinJacksonUnlike going to the movies, eating at a restaurant, or other “luxuries,” spending time in nature seems free. But not everyone has equal access.

As with travel, marginalized groups face a lot of barriers to outdoor recreation. This leaves the different types of outdoor fun to privileged folks

…Like a lot of white people, I learned to ignore the whiteness of myself and other outdoor enthusiasts around me. I didn’t hear backpackers saying overtly racist things or see jerks physically blocking people of color from the trails, so I paid the homogeneity no mind.

It’s easy to overlook inequality when it’s systemic. It’s even easier when we benefit.

If only black people weren’t forced to live in urban-indoctrination centers.

They could become what Kevin Jackson of our team calls, “free-range Negroes.” These Negroes experience the whole world and not just the “black” world.

Zak claims that black people don’t go camping because black people don’t see other black people camping. Who knew that black people will only do what other black people do, and not necessarily what other people do?

Somebody should alert Tiger Woods, and get that man a basketball or a Glock.

Who knew that black people need a role model for camping?

Ambreen Tariq runs Brown People Camping, an Instagram account that promotes diversity in public lands. She says she can feel like an outsider hiking and camping as a Muslim woman of color and immigrant…

…We need to acknowledge outdoor recreation’s lack of diversity and inclusion…

…We forget that society’s hierarchies of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, and economic class don’t magically disappear in the forest.

There it is. Racism, sexism, and all the other “isms” are everywhere, including nature.

Perhaps we should get a few black celebrities to run public service announcements to let black people know they can leave the urban jungle and commune with nature.

Or perhaps they could remind black people that their roots are in Africa, where many “African-Africans” actually live in nature all day, every day.

You know what? Let’s leave it to the media. They will help black people out.

Media paint a homogeneous picture of who enjoys the outdoors, as well. They’re typically white, male, cisgender, slender, able-bodied, and assumed straight. Lore about Daniel Boone and mountain men perpetuate this image.

As Tariq notes to Outside, “It’s hard to see yourself in the outdoor community if you don’t physically see others like you, and you definitely aren’t seeing it in advertising.”..

…For example, society doesn’t socialize women and femmes to be physically strong like it does with men. This reflects toxic binary expectations we have about gender that need to be changed.

Back to Emily Zak

It’s too bad that black people can’t afford gear for the outdoors. Further, let’s all hope that President Trump will lift the ban on blacks in national parks?

According to Zac, the need for equipment creates an atmosphere of elitism. Not everyone can afford all that fancy gear. Of course, I’m a middle-aged middle-class white lady and I don’t take any gear on my daily walk. But Zac sees things differently.

Even if folks push past mainstream narratives and seek more affordable gear, cost is still a factor for low-income people…

…Those who make outdoor activities cheap often have a support system behind them…

This system reveals deeply entrenched classism. Ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away…

Outdoor recreation white privilege #KevinJacksonZak even covered the “fatties.” Check out this logic.

Fitness culture overall reeks of fat-shaming, for one, which is reflected in workout clothing offerings…

…For those who’d prefer cycling: Only last year did anyone think to build a bike for someone who’s heavier than 300 pounds.

The reason bike manufacturers don’t make bikes for 400-lb people is that’s not exactly a TARGET MARKET!

Fat people are fat, because when they were skinny they DIDN’T RIDE BIKES!

I could go on, as Zak covers racism, classism, and all the other “isms.” What she doesn’t do is make a logical argument for anything she contends.

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