COST FOR WHITES $27,000: University Gives Black People ANOTHER STUPID PRIVILEGE

COST FOR WHITES $27,000: University Gives Black People ANOTHER STUPID PRIVILEGE

A new diversity training course teaches college professors another way not to be a racist. They can now allow black students to show up late.

Colored People Time is what it’s called. Hillary Clinton tried to make fun of the notion that black people run on a different clock than whites.

Thus, Clemson University in South Carolina will no longer hold minority students accountable for tardiness. Instead, minorities’ culturally different “perception of time” must be tolerated.

A new faculty training program on “diversity” declares that the expectation of punctuality is racist, and not necessarily a sign of disrespect or nonchalance.

In the training, a fictional scenario features “Alejandro” setting up a meeting between two groups of foreign professors and students. The first arrives 15 minutes early, while the second is 15 minutes late. The late arriving minority is not reprimanded for his blatant disrespect.

Instead, the new normal in wackademia is to be “inclusive” by understanding that time is a culturally fluid concept.

Professors must “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly” because one “cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.”

This training essentially grants minorities another privilege – the right to be rude, and ultimately to fail in life.

Nanny State Coddlers

Bosses expect employees to be on time for work or be fired. In fact, others require punctuality as well, like dentists, loan officers, realtors, airlines, and so on. I’d like to see a black person sue an airline for not holding the plane for them. Almost every type of business transaction requires respect for other people’s time, by keeping scheduled appointments. If time had no consequence, then why do we measure it?

Clemson’s training describes perfectly the bigotry of low expectations. Training like this keeps minorities mired in poverty and government dependence. No sense teaching blacks how to perform in the real world.

University administrators now abdicate their place of authority to those who demand it based on nothing other than skin color. Reparations from white America disguised as another privilege based on race.

Elsewhere, the training claims political correctness “lead[s] to better decisions” and “decrease[s] employee turnover.”

What a fiction.

Additionally, if anyone objects to political correctness, Clemson professors are told to publicly correct them.

After all, another slide warns, “freedom of speech and academic freedom are not limitless.”

No longer is the U.S. Constitution respected. Instead, Leftist contradict and mock the Constitution openly.

Neither does the “diversity” training include a diversity of opinions. Because God forbid we teach young people how to debate and reason with political, social, or religious opponents. Our government nanny can’t get votes from independent thinkers, you see.

Another direct quote reads like an Orwellian threat:

“Language that is derogatory with regard to race, sex, or other protected or emerging forms of diversity does not belong in a university that values inclusion.”

Apparently, Leftists add new entitlements based on race as their sickness evolves. The training is not required, but “strongly suggested.”

If you want to buy into this nonsense, training materials start at $27,000.

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