BREAKING: North Korea fires ANOTHER ballistic missile breaching China ultimatum and Trump warning

BREAKING: North Korea fires ANOTHER ballistic missile breaching China ultimatum and Trump warning

The fat kid is at it again. NORTH Korea has fired another ballistic missile, according to the South Korean military.

The missile launch comes after China ordered North Korea to stand down its rocket testing or risk harsh sanctions.

The report of the launch comes from The Sun in the UK.

Speculation is what will be the reaction of President Donald Trump? It is likely people expect him to bomb the sh*t out of them. After all, President Trump warned of a “major, major conflict” with Kim Jong-un, should the rogue dictator not get his act together.

Personally, I don’t think President Trump will overreact, likely having anticipated such an event. The real threat for North Korea by both America and China was that of a nuclear test.

Moreover, President Trump knows Kim Jong-un is bluster. The country is broke, and the U.S. can apply enough diplomatic pressure to render Jong-un a eunuch.

Also, remember who President Trump said should deal with Kim Jong-un. Giving the job to China is tantamount to turning suspected Taliban over to the Israelis. America may not torture you, however we can’t speak for the Israelis.

China doesn’t care about Kim Jong-un’s tactics.

They have a different way of dealing with him, and as we’ve written, the outlook isn’t good for Kim the Younger should he continue being a worldwide menace.

Thus, we don’t have a specific answer as to what China will do. But it’s safe to say they will respect their new American friend.

As for the missile itself, tThe flight path and other details of the missile were not immediately known, although Reuters has reported that it was another failed test. Put another way, the ocean near North Korea has another victim.

Like the last misfire, this missile was fired from an area north of the capital Pyongyang in the early hours of Saturday morning Korea time, a South Korean defense statement said.

One thing is clear, Kim Jong-un keeps trying. Perhaps if he can get a missile outside of North Korean airspace his threats will be taken more seriously.




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