BREAKING: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation to Protest Trump’s Budget

BREAKING: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation to Protest Trump’s Budget

Since they can’t invade the White House or Congress, is this the next best thing for social justice warriors?

More than 100 left-wing activists invaded the Heritage Foundation lobby this morning.

Shouting to protest Trump’s proposed budget, liberal wackos took over the main lobby of the Heritage Foundation today.

“Water not walls!” And “Shut it down!” were they’re repeated rallying cries.

Apparently these liberal wackos blame Heritage aka “President Trump’s think tank” for the contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and Standing Rock.

Note to the Uninformed: Flint was without clean drinking water for more than 3 years before Trump was elected. Obama was president when that Democrat-spawned corruption was uncovered. Trump is not to blame.

By the way, none of the protesters bothered to thank President Trump for recently sending a grant to Flint in order to help them deal with the water crisis. I suppose ill-informed liberals don’t like that inconvenient truth.

The absurdity of their actions will not somehow make Republicans turn Left. But that doesn’t matter, really.

Liberals hate attacks against their beloved EPA. Trump provoked liberal outrage for proposing a large cut to the Environmental Protection Agency.

And the best place to hold that protest? A conservative policy maker’s front lobby, of course. Heritage is one of the world’s most influential think tanks, and had a major role in shaping Trump’s transition.

Yet, liberal activists pretend their protest invasion is an acceptable form of political dialogue. Instead, these out-of-touch whiners continue to prove that they are against open, honest debate.

Ignoring Republican election gains, the Left demands their policies and not those of Trump.

The protesters occupied the building for about 10-15 minutes. It took that long for security to contain the situation and escort the protesters out. As a parting shot, they made another empty threat:

“We’ll be back.”

Outside, protesters continued to shout, cheer and play bongo drums. Cause nothing moves Congress faster than tribal music.

Note to Liberals, Part 2: None of these illegal maneuvers will change how Republicans approach the federal budget. Liberal snowflakes need to come to terms with that reality.

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