Campaign Insiders’ Book Confirms: Hillary Clinton Is a B*tch

Campaign Insiders’ Book Confirms: Hillary Clinton Is a B*tch

What took so long for the Left to admit what we already know.

Hillary Clinton is a first-class b*tch on steroids.

In the “Tell us what we already know” category, a book about insiders tells all on Hillary Clinton during the campaign. But before we get to this, how about a look at one of the funniest videos on the election night loss?

Back to the Hillary Clinton campaign insider’s book.

Here is an excerpt, as The Hill reported:

‘We Got An Ass-Chewing’

Hillary was so mad she couldn’t think straight. She was supposed to be focused on the prep session for that night’s Univision debate in Miami, but a potent mix of exhaustion and exasperation bubbled up inside.

She’d been humiliated in the Michigan primary the night before, a loss that not only robbed her of a prime opportunity to put Bernie Sanders down for good but also exposed several of her weaknesses. How could she have been left so vulnerable? She knew — or at least she thought she did. The blame belonged to her campaign team, she believed, for failing to hone her message, energize important constituencies and take care of business in getting voters to the polls. And now, Jake Sullivan, her de facto chief strategist, was giving her lip about the last answer she’d delivered in the prep session.

“That’s not very good,” Sullivan corrected.

“Really?” Hillary snapped back.

The room fell silent.

“Why don’t you do it?”

The comment was pointed and sarcastic, but she meant it. So for the next 30 minutes, there he was, pretending to be Hillary while she critiqued his performance.

Every time the Yale lawyer and former high school debate champ opened his mouth, Hillary cut him off. “That isn’t very good,” she’d say. “You can do better.” Then she’d hammer him with a Bernie line.

And there they were. The two things that lost Hillary Clinton the election.

One said, the other not.

Hillary Clinton is a b*tchFirst, the “Bernie line.” The fact that Hillary Clinton found Bernie Sanders a competition was only the beginning of her problems, ergo the beginning of the end.

Second, however, was the bigger issue. The unseen in Hillary Clinton’s scathing rebuke of her staff. She didn’t mention the Trump Factor.

As the saying goes, “It’s the punch you don’t see that knocks you out.”

You can bet that only the last chapter of that book dedicates itself to Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump wasn’t a factor with Clinton.

The article continues,

It wasn’t just Sullivan in her crosshairs. She let everyone on her team have it that day. “We haven’t made our case,” she fumed. “We haven’t framed the choice. We haven’t done the politics.”

“She was visibly, unflinchingly pissed off at us as a group,” said one aide who was in the room for the humiliating scene. “And she let us know she felt that way.”

Despite her staffers knowing Clinton is a bitch, these people worked tirelessly for her.

That proves to some degree the pathology of leftism. It maintains undying loyalty even in knowing that Clinton didn’t have the temperament or anything else to be president.

In another excerpt, they chronicle:

It was repeated chaos and emotional outbursts behind the scenes of Team Clinton. The media knew this and yet, it went unreported. Instead, the media attempted to argue it was the Trump campaign that was in chaos, when in fact, on a personality level, Donald Trump was calm and measured throughout the process – even energized by it.

America made the right choice for Commander-in-Chief. And you can bet that many millions have joined the 63 million who voted for Donald Trump.


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