CAUGHT: Two Facebook-Live Rapists in Custody

CAUGHT: Two Facebook-Live Rapists in Custody

Let’s all say it together: the Facebook-Live rapist of the 15-year-old black girl who’s now in custody was a “gentle giant on his way to college.”

Isn’t that what we call black teen monsters who commit heinous crimes?

You can bet there are people in “da hood” and at leftist cocktail parties ready to throw their support around this black thug and who knows how many of his gang-banging friends.

Thankfully, as NBC News reports, this one is off the streets for a little while.

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old Chicago girl that was streamed live on Facebook and watched by about 40 people who didn’t report it to authorities, police said late Saturday.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said more arrests are expected as the investigation continues. Police have said the attack involved five or six males, and Guglielmi said the boy “was one of the offenders in the video.”

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is slated to provide more details at a news conference Sunday morning.

This is not what race-baiters like Louis Farrakhan and Black Lives Matter have in mind when they call blacks to violence.

Instead, it’s the all too common black on black crime that causes leftists to deflect blame elsewhere.

Police did not know about the mid-March attack until the victim’s mother showed Superintendent Eddie Johnson the video, two weeks after the attack.

Race-baiters like Farrakhan or BLM won’t come to this young lady’s defense. They’re more politically invested in blaming “whitey” than holding black youth accountable for criminal behavior. That’s how they win elections, after all.

The attack involved as many as six male juvenile thugs. It was a gang-rape.

And the victim knew at least one of her attackers. Authorities have not yet arrested the second, 15-year-old suspect, but expect to soon. Police are also confident that more arrests will follow.

These suspects face felony charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault, manufacturing of child pornography, and dissemination of child pornography.

The victim’s family reported her missing on March 19, was lured into a residence, and gang-raped while one suspect streamed the attack on Facebook Live, said Cmdr. Brendan Deenihan, of the Chicago Police Department. Two days later, she was found on the street and taken to a hospital.

Deenihan also revealed that:

“[Several videos are involved. Investigators are still combing through social media posts to identify the other suspects. He said the girl has had ‘such a difficult time’ talking to investigators about what had happened.”

During a press conference on Sunday, Johnson condemned the suspects and those who watched without calling police.

“The young men responsible – they should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve humiliated themselves. They’ve humiliated their families. And now they’re going to be held accountable for what they did. It just disgusts me that people would look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911.  It makes you wonder. Where are we going as a society?”

Afterward, the girl was cyberbullied.

Seems those leftists have proven that their anti-bullying campaigns work.

Next, neighborhood thugs came looking for the teen victim at her home. How did they find out who she is when authorities do not release rape victim’s names?

Sure, black people care about each other.

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