Chemotherapy: The Latest Form of Black Oppression

Chemotherapy: The Latest Form of Black Oppression

Forget every form of oppression you’ve read about. Black-killing cops have nothing on the latest white hate. A scientist now alleges white people are poisoning black folks to get rid of them!

chemotherapy black oppression #KevinJacksonAccording to Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, the real danger to black people is the medical industry. The autism vaccine targets black children.

Additionally, the water supply in Flint Michigan was poisoned to kill off anyone with dark skin.

Finally, you’ll love this one: the cancer industry sets up fake “free screenings” so they can tell black people they have cancer!

Let’s focus on the last one.

According to Adams, once black people are misdiagnosed, the cancer industry makes a fortune pushing a racist, genocidal agenda. Doctors give healthy people chemotherapy to kill off Negroes.

As Mike Adams tells it, he just happened to notice this poisoning goes on in the black community way more often than it happens to whites. In fact, he says it happens so much that no one can really be held accountable.

Sort of reminds me of Planned Parenthood. All we need to know now is that somebody sells black people’s body parts after death.

Adams issues his warning to the black community:

“Frankly, black folks should be marching and picketing in front of the cancer centers…. because that’s whose killing you! The chemotherapy doctors are killing you and the vaccine doctors are killing your kids. State health officials and water quality managers, they’re killing your kids! The system has tried to tell you that you’ve got to rise up against white people….”

Technically speaking, it’s not the chemo that causes black oppression, but the medical community.

So what if black people go to black doctors? Are they in on it as well?

Adams even claimed that God is racist.

He claims that black people don’t soak up as much Vitamin D from the sun as white people. And that’s another way whites hold blacks downs. But if logic holds, doesn’t black absorb more heat and UV rays than white. I learned that white was more “reflective.” Thus, black people absorb heat.

And yes, black people tan. White people’s tans just show more due to contrast, so they get that “white privilege.” However, blacks tan too. And let’s face it, God has already given black people color, so they don’t have to waste the time.

What about the true dangers to black people?

The Health Ranger forgot to mention a few other dangers to black people. Let’s start with other black people.

When a black person is murdered, 93% of the time another black person did it. Black people make up a small portion of the population, yet the commit the majority of all crimes. Furthermore, blacks commit violent crimes almost 10% more often than whites do! Undoubtedly, black on black crime kills a lot more people than fake cancer diagnoses.

And let’s not forget the abortion rate among blacks.

Blacks babies are aborted 300 times more often than white babies. Top that, autism vaccine.

Mike Adams is a quack. He’s just another leftist trying to race pimp. Adams wants to be the one good white guy who came along and saved the black folks from evil injections. Sadly, other leftists will give an audience to his BS. Thus, the real issues hurting the black community will be swept under the rug by democrats.

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